The 90s Thread - You know, lots of kids will remember these things.

I’d love to have an espresso maker at home, but first I’d have to make some space for it.

P.S. –

Whenever I’m forced to interact with a Starbucks employee, I refuse to play along. Small black coffee, plz.


Fast food was affordable once…


Indeed…the food tasted better and the prices were more reasonable.

I miss commercials for McDonald’s that featured everyday people and Wendy’s commercials with their founder Dave Thomas.


I know someone who worked at a Wendy’s and apparently, Dave used to come to random locations and work a shift.


I deny everything.


The food tasted better because they were allowed to use rendered oils instead of vegetable oil.

And you always knew when McDonald’s made their straws a bigger diameter, the cup sizes were about to change.


Huh. I attributed my waning of interest in most fast foods to just my tastes changing with age.

That, or looking up the owners’ politics (DON’T!) or the actual nutritional value of whatever my favorites were (DON’T --SQUARED!)

[sigh] The price of knowledge is pain, or more PB&J at home, I suppose.


I’m convinced the 59/79/99 cent menu at Taco Bell was the peak of civilization. We used to be a country


I reiterate my warning about checking the Nutrition Information. :confused:

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Should it read :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: ?


I used to buy a couple of bean burritos and a pint of 2% milk almost every day, on my way to my crappy Swing Shift job at Kinkos. Even though my folks paid for college, I still didn’t have much money and I liked sleeping in, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Announcer voice: “Decades later, at the doctor’s office, she found out that it wasn’t.”


While tabletop roleplaying games and fantasy games for the computer & console became popular in the 1980s, their popularity continued in the 1990s. That was thanks to hardware becoming more popular.

I remember two computer games from 1991 that really were fun to play. First was Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra. I’ve beaten the game twice and it is a personal favorite of mine.

I am a fan of the Might & Magic series; this game vastly improved upon the first two games. You made a party of the standard fantasy classes (knight, sorcerer, cleric, paladin, robber, druid, etc) and could go just about anywhere. Of course, this was before strategy guides and Internet walkthroughs - you had to figure out many things on your own like strategies, enemy weaknesses, traps, puzzles and how to ultimately beat the game. But I still loved this.

Another title I loved was Eye of the Beholder. Also from 1991, my brother and I bought this game on sale at Babbage’s (remember that defunct store?). The game was on diskettes and I had fun playing it. You assembled a party of four based on D&D 2nd edition rules and went several levels underground in search of an evil beholder.


Anyone here play these?


My husband played both and enjoyed them.

I played some Might and Magic, but I don’t remember which version

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I’ve played M&M 4/5 (World of Xeen) the most. Delightfully weird game.

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I played Xeen, both 4 & 5, but never beat them. I only beat MM3.

I also played Might and Magic 2, ported to the Sega Genesis. If you know what to do and how to level up quickly (like doing the Green, Yellow and Red Triple Crown quests over & over & over…), it does become easier!

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I don’t even DRINK coffee and, inevitably, someone gives me a giftcard…grrrr. EVERYTHING there is coffee :nauseated_face: or pure carbs! :dizzy_face:

I give it to hubs, he likes coffee. :woman_shrugging:


Well, there’s plain tea I suppose. But you can do that just as well almost anyplace else. Including home, where it’s much cheaper. :grin:


Yeah, one of the main problems with being a non-drinker is that people who don’t know you well enough to know that, but have some reason to thank you, ALWAYS go for a bottle of red wine.

And it’s always red, and even when I drank I didn’t like red wine.

Except one neighbor who has my everlasting gratitude – we saw them trying to put in a metal-post fence and offered then the use of our post setting tool, and then they returned it they also brought a nice bottle of olive oil. Now THAT I can use.

Not really 90’s related, so I guess to stay on topic that I when I did drink in the 90’s I used to love those tiny little fruity Jack Daniels coolers, they came in like a six ounce bottle. Mmmm.


I admit I usually bring wine as a gift unless I know someone doesn’t drink, but I like to bring something unusual they might not have had before like apple wine.