The 90s Thread - You know, lots of kids will remember these things.

I do love Ghost World a lot. I think I already grumped in another thread about how the story got warped when the movie got made.

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This show’s been mentioned somewhere in the forums before, but I’ll note it’s one of my favorite things to originate in the 90’s

Umbros. You had to have a pair for gym class in the mid-90s.

I bought my son a similar pair with the checkered pattern recently, and it triggered nostalgia, middle-school angst and gym sweat. :flushed:


Tamagotchis were everywhere in the late 90s. My younger half sister had quite a few of them.


There are few things that imbue a person with more shame than receiving disappointed disapproval from a Yoda Giga Pet.


That’s what happens when the trilogy gets re released in theaters 20 years later. Saw all 3 then at the time since I was born the year ESB came out.

At least they didn’t do one for it’s 25th when it came to theaters and Showtime digitally restored. Refuse THAT offer.

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A complete home office set up from about 1995; I wonder how they managed all those wires in back.

I’m glad we have much more portable laptops, notebooks and tablets!!


It looks like they managed them pretty well. I don’t even see any of the wires.


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This commercial. So much.


Here in the USA, anime would go mainstream in the 1990s!!

The groundwork was set in the 1980s…or more specifically at the end of the 1970s with Battle of the Planets and Star Blazers broadcasting (but that’s for the 1980s thread).


Sailor Moon aired in syndication in 1995 on US television; sadly we only got through part of Sailor Moon R and it wouldn’t be until fall of 1998 that we got the rest of those episodes. Despite being edited, censored and even having whole episodes cut from the English Dub, the DIC dub of Sailor Moon is fondly remembered by fans like me for its nostalgia factor plus being a gateway series to many other anime.

There was also Dragonball and its actionized sequel, Dragonball Z. The first series ran early mornings on many independent stations leading to low ratings; they skipped ahead to DBZ which got quite a following. Later Dragonball would get a proper English dub.

And of course, we all remember how the 1990s ended with a massive outbreak of Pokemania!

I was reminded this morning of the totally bizarre commercial (which I can’t find) done by hack fantasy author Piers Anthony where he tells you how you can subscribe to his newsletter.

It wasn’t an ad for his books, it was an ad for his newsletter. On national TV. Regularly.

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If nothing else, It’s Good to be Rad!


This is really a reply to the McDLT ad in the neighboring thread. :grin:

Remember this dude?

Apparently he had no reason to rap.


Remember the Health Rider infomercials? Their dance routines were the best:

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Donal Logue’s breakthrough as Jimmy the cab driver.


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