The Beatniks musical - seeking help

Yes, I have written a musical based on The Beatniks. I have permission from the Paul Frees estate and have a boatload of demos recorded, but because it’s so hard to get attention for anything now, I’d really really really like to get “celebrities” to record “selections” for a cd/download of the show, which can also be used for a demo for theatres (to get productions). So - anyone know of singers or bands (besides the Rifftones and Neil Patrick Harris) who are MST3K fans? And most importantly - that we could Get to?

I’m a book publisher too, and I wrote the book on Paul Frees, Welcome Foolish Mortals. And I know from experience it’s hard getting past the bouncers to working celebs. Though I did amazingly get John (Star Wars) Williams to write a foreword to our Jerry Colonna book, I had less luck getting any responses from the Johnny Depp camp for a foreword to Dolores Fuller’s book. I sure could use help with this project!

By the way, I’m DAMN damn proud to be the first sponsor signed up for MST3K - BearManor Media. It’s one of the supreme delights of my life and I still can’t believe a nobody like me gets his bear spinning on the Gizmoplex!!

Ben Ohmart


Well, for starters, the obvious picks are Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm.

Clearly you should have it performed by the Rock-afire Explosion.