The best and the worst of Star Wars : Expanded Universe

So, after having read all of the ‘LEgend’ books as they came out (minus the horror ones)…I’ve said so long to the star wars book universe. the new cannon stuff just isn’t as good. and makes the crystal star look like a well written masterpiece.

what are some of your favorite EU moments and least favorite? ( and we all know Thrawn is at the start ;o))

For me, I am SHOCKED we havn’t gotten an X Wing Series or movie set before now. these are GREAT books that really expand on the Wedge Character ( where as Rebels almost made fun of him). We see him leading and creating two crack units, lots of great jokes, villains, and moments…(Kiss my wookie!).
this type of thing is begging to be adapted and should have been done a decade ago.

some of the worst? the last trilogy of books with Abeloth. Worst Villain ever. made no sense, didn’t seem to have much setup or payoff or be really well defined. and characters seemed to pop up out of nowhere like bad fan fiction, like luke’s ghost jedi girlfriend, calista.

I feel like that was part of the 'story group’s ’ first assignment considering how bad it was.

Now I’m curious about checking out more of the comics. any from dark horse worth getting into other than dark empire?

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Working on five seasons of Clone Wars, I have firm opinions, but am here more to remind that Patty Jenkins is directing Rogue Squadron, out in '23.

I have no faith in anything modern lucas film puts out. it’ll be RS in name only.but, that would be getting into modern politics, so I will avoid that talk ;o)

I’ll wait till the trailer is out, though I am curious.

I like the Dr. Aphra comic, but I have no idea whether it’s canon or expanded or whatever any of that means.

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Kanan Jarrus is the Dollar Store version of Kyle Katarn.


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Honestly, it all became “new lore” for me around the time the prequels came out. I’m just lucky Disney agreed and started their stuff after I decided the CGI Clone Wars series had salvaged the abysmal Episodes 1 and 3.

I agree, though. The World Devastators, Crazy Clone Jedi Warlords, the Imperial Plague… man, those are some great concepts lost in some weird merger.

But we gained some really banging Darth Maul stuff. Mando was (for me) better than 7, 8, and 9. Some of the Vader comics have been good… ummm…

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As for worst, that one marriage story in the Bounty Hunter anthology book was pretty terrible.

How have I missed this before now?

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Apart from Rogue One, I rate it as the best thing Disney have done with the (ugh) franchise.

The funny thing is you can really tell that Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was written before Lucas decided on the Luke/Leia connection.

I know what you mean, I think 7-9 are a mess, and I love Rogue One. But I think The Mandalorian is everything I’ve wanted from it since the moment the oven mitt space slug appeared in Empire.

Mando is exactly what I wanted to see out of the franchise. I can’t fathom how Disney can make such good television content that stays true to the source compared to the films. I really can’t!!

On the subject of Mando, they’ve thrown in a few tiny references to Classic EU stuff that makes me hopeful for the future of Rogue Squadron

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain” - Vader to Luke on the Genesis Planet

the TV and Movie units have totally different people in charge.

The People who KNOW their stuff, Filoni and FAvreu (sp) are in charge of the better TV side for the most part (stuff like The Acolyte and others not with standing). the people that don’t, Kennedy and her ‘story group’ are in charge of the books and the movie side of things. that’s why so many directors get fired and delays a plenty on the movies, but the TV arc runs smoothly.

I’ve given Disney star wars so many chances, that I havn’t even watched Mando yet… i’ve soured on the whole franchise. even though I’ve heard it’s as good as the clone wars…with mentions of things like warlords from the EU thrown in…Maybe one day I’ll give it a chance. but only after the current regime gets replaced with F and F and Kennedy is gone.

I’m mostly just tired of JJ and his mystery box thing.

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same. gave each movie a chance, and nothing really stuck with me. As for R1, they took away luke’s legacy as the creator of RS and being R1 himself, and gave the storm troopers a thundertank for some reason ;o).

If only they had gotten to cast Nic Cage as Dash Rendar and gone ahead with the whole ‘Shadows…’ movie instead of the marketing ploy it clearly turned into :frowning:
But seriously, give mando a chance. It’s worth the free subscrip


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That Rogue One stuff doesn’t really bug me too much.