The Bridget and Mary Jo Appreciation Thread

A film noir take on “Crime and Punishment”, with a young Darren McGavin and Chris Pine’s grandmother in the cast? That’s gold baby, gold!


Ah-WOO-Gah! The Teenager’s movie Vacation Days is FREE on YouTube!

Anyone up for a watch-a-long?! :carousel_horse:

[ETA - Mary Jo’s “OOF!” at the end of the movie is kind of the riff to end all riffs.]

[I had never heard of this series before RT and it’s really easy to see why cinema history tried to expunge it from the record books forever.

[Dodie is seriously always one step away from vengefully cooking some poor married dude’s child’s bunny rabbit.]


[groan] I’m never gonna’ get that damn “The Teen Canteen” song out of my head, am I?

:scream_cat: I kept hoping that a grease monkey with a ukulele would show up to salvage the “spiritual” number. (Followed shortly thereafter by a giant man-eating reptile.)


New short from the ladies. Pair it up with Rollergator for a wholesome night of wholesome entertainment.


No. Nooo. Nooooooooooooo!

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Sounds like the bride from the Marriage Is A Partnership short. I can’t tell whether that last weird cloying “Oooohhh” is from her or our riffers. Either way… jeez. I could not sit through a bridge party listening to either this yahoo or her over-controlling jerk of a Mama’s Boy husband. Not without at least three Whiskey Sours, anyway.

Lady Rifftrax went a lot easier on this saccharine ode to being your husband’s eternal doormat than I would’ve. Along with all the 1950s-based yuck that you’d expect, there’s the fact that the narrator keeps explaining that she and Prince Jerkface worked their money issues and sexual issues and the rest out successfully. But there’s never the slightest detail as to specifics. Maybe there was some kind of supplemental reading you had to do when you crowded into the church basement to watch this with all the other increasingly disappointed brides who also wished they’d waited a white longer. :upside_down_face:

Best riff: going to see Gone Girl On Ice while wincing through a plate of liver. I’m telling you right now that if liver had entered the picture, my own marriage wouldn’t even have happened. (We shacked up together first.)

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May I ask what you’re talking about?

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The Marriage Is A Partnership short on RT.

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