The Club-MST3K Video Link Archive: NOW SHARING!

I haven’t been able to access the website for a few days now. Has it, and its hundreds of video links, bitten the dust permanently?
Is anyone else able to access at all, let alone log in?

Here’s the link to my emergency life-raft of links to “Other Vids”.


I’m seeing a “this site is trying to redirect too many times” error, which suggests someone broke it rather than letting the domain/hosting expire. So hopefully it’s not dead, just in need of some fixing.


Yeah, I noticed that this week. It’s dead, Jim. :confused:

@TheBindingPolymer mentions it’s on WayBack Machine, but while I see the set-up made there I don’t see many actual working links.

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When I go to their main archive page there’s only one date to actually click on, and it just gets wound up in limbo until I give up and close the tab. That could be our spotty internet copping an attitude, I guess.

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Okay, I could get in via a recent web archive link.
Is there a way to extract all the video links on there and save them for posterity/another website?
Especially the “Other Vids” section, because a lot of us did a lot of work hunting down links to MST3K and MST3K-related ephemera, to make them accessible all from one place.


Can you find a page with one of the videos in question? I’ve tried a few but keep getting “The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL” for the video itself.

If you can provide a page with a video, I can test downloading the video through VLC. That’s normally how I locally persist online videos when a direct download link isn’t supplied.

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Nothing lasts forever.

Only love.


Thank you, that was the drug I’m thinking of.

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nOt DeAd ThE wAy YoU kNoW iT

iT iS wItH uS aLwAyS


:cry: I knew it was heading this way as soon as the first Crypto promo appeared on the main page. Still sad, though.


I could go through and save the links one by one, but that would be very slow. I was wondering if somebody with some web-savvy knew a way to do it in bulk. I just had a look and, although the most recent archive was nearly a year ago, there are just under 500 links in “Other Vids” to go through one by one.


Here is a playlist on YouTube that is pretty complete and in order. Some of the links may be dead, but I found it to be pretty reliable to have what is generally available. KTMA episodes are at the end.

Oops. Original link didn’t work the way I thought it would. Let’s try Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Complete, Ordered MST3K Collection)

Welp, “no” again. It’s called “Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Complete, Ordered MST3K Collection)”. Look it up.

It’s possibly that if the videos were crawled in the archive, then there is a repository folder they could be downloaded from en masse. Or a crawler could be tasked with downloading them. Again, if you can find a post with an actual video, I can do further research. At the moment I’m not finding anything to start with.

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The first video listed in “Other Vids” is 1010 - It Lives By Night - Rough Cut.
Link 1 works (it takes a while for the page to load), but link 2 does not. The link I got was this (after deleting the web archive bit at the start of the copied link):

Looking at this, clicking through archived pages is going to be a long job. So I’ve saved a list of video titles and will search on YouTube first. I may turn up some newer/better links that way.
I’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet for this, and will share the link when I’ve got a respectable amount of linkage done.


That sounds like a good approach. Given the quantity of listed titles, I think an automated crawler would be the way to go. Long ago I used a tool call Teleport to crawl sites and download specific asset types, a modern equivalent should work fine for pulling embedded videos.

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Sometimes I write such things for funsies. So if there’s still a need in a few days, I can do it. (Got other projects taking my immediate time right now.)


Yes, I enjoy recreational coding as well. My IMDb crawler for the 6 Degrees site I bashed together in Python, for example. Even nowadays I find a lot of things easier to script than do with a graphical interface.

Club MST3K was my constant companion for the five hardest years of my life: homebound, very ill, unable to concentrate, lonely, Club MST3K was my gateway to my friends on the SOL. I would leave it on while I worked, then sometimes give my full attention to an episode. I must’ve watched every episode five times at least, some many many more. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Thank you Club MST3K for keeping me (relatively) sane. I won’t forget you.