The Coleman Francis Memorial Coffee Thread

We’ve got some great content on the food threads, so let’s branch out into liquids! I pre-emptively forgive the USA for inflicting Starbucks on the wider world, but a really good cuppa is my morning life-restorer.
My normal bean is Ethiopian, where the plant was first discovered, but I recently bought a selection pack of 4 from my usual supplier and one of the coffees was Indonesia U Tani Gayo, which also makes a fantastic brew.
What’s your poison?


Danhausen Coffeehausen made by Rootless Coffee Co deserves more recognition.

I would die for a cup of Duncan Hills.

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Kaua’i Coffee Company is my ride or die. I visited during my first visit to the island and oh boy, I was in love. I now order bags of it and have it shipped in, though the Kcups are in some supermarket chains. The Mango Twist is AH-mazing.

On the first payday of my current job, after a short (but also too long) period of unemployment, I decided to celebrate by buying a coffee-roaster. Never looked back.
That, plus an Aeropress, makes coffee exactly the way I like it the most.

I’ll buy whatever Medium or Dark Roast whole bean is affordable for me this week. Sometimes that’s Kroger and sometimes it’s a fancy place like Spella downtown (where they’ll give you a free fancy drink when you purchase your beans… woo!).

Like my folks, I use a Chemex for brewing (with unbleached filters and filtered water heated over the flame in a tea kettle).

Unlike my folks, I DON’T make extra coffee and then leave it out at room temperature for days until it looks like pond water. I don’t brew back-up unless it’s iced coffee season. Then it goes in the fridge immediately.

P.S. - A couple of broken hunks of cinnamon stick or three cracked cardamom pods added for the pour-over stage make a great treat if you’re feeling artsy some morning.


I’m right with you on the last point - a couple of split green cardamom pods is something I add quite often. That’s as much extra flavouring as I’ll have, though - I was given some flavoured syrups once as a gift, and they gathered dust at the back of the cupboard after I’d tried them.

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Syrups are better for livening up seltzer, I find.

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I haven’t tried cinnamon stick in coffee, but I do have some cassia bark in the spice cupboard. Might be worth a go.

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Well when you can’t have caffeine, you don’t get a lot of choice when it comes to coffee.

I do have my Earl Grey (decaf) (Twinings) every night.

And I’ll make sun tea in the summer-time (Decaf PG Tips for me, plain old Liptons for dear husband) and yes cardamon really adds something special to sun tea.

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After a trip to Costa Rica I was hooked on Cafe Britt for a good while. The family loves the Poas volcanic soil variety, while my fave is Tres Rios.

These days though my go-to is Richmond’s own Blanchard’s.

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I’d walk a mile in the rain for a good cup of Oolong or Jasmine.

I found a decaf rose tea that’s great an hour or so before bedtime.

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I used to love Whittard’s Kenyan peaberry coffee beans, but when the financial crash happened, it wiped out most of their shops, especially the ones near where I lived.
They also used to do wonderfully colourful hand-painted chinaware, but somehow they’ve even lost that, judging by their website.
Thankfully, I discovered Rave coffee, whose beans are good and who don’t double the delivery charge for each bag bought.

This could just as easily have gone in the Shatner Fanboys thread. You’ll hear what I mean a minute or so in:

Are you a coffee achiever?


I’m a boring Canadian, I have a big ol’ can of Tim Hortons. I usually only have one cup a day, any more than that and I’m bouncing off the walls

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It always makes me snicker, thinking about how Nestle perpetrated some of the worst coffee on Earth on my 20th Century forbears but they obviously lavished a ton of money on the ads. Thank Heaven that sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore, right? :upside_down_face:

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Is it ok if we share our own work on occasion? Because I made this a while back:

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I love jasmine tea, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a decaf version.

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I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee every day.

My preference is towards cold brew or at least iced temperature.