The Coleman Francis Memorial Coffee Thread

Drip coffee when I brew at home. Cold brew when I’m out and about.

Big fan of Bump N’Grind, a local coffee roaster that has a shop inside one of the libraries near me.

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I get green coffee beans from a company called, who also sell roasted beans. They have a decent variety, although I mostly buy their Ethiopian Sidamo.
My coffee roaster does about 250g of beans at a time, which lasts me about a week, so what I’m drinking is always freshly-roasted.


“I like coffee!”

Just wanted to make sure that was perfectly clear.

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My wife makes homemade ice cream. She’s learned the best coffee to use in making coffee ice cream is actually instant.

The more you know…

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65 years ago, Jim Henson made a lotta funny Wilkins Coffee commercials. Each commercials always starred Wilkins persuading Wontkins to try some coffee, only for the latter to decline. So can you guess what Wilkins did? He ends up TORTURING HIM (in almost every commercials available on YouTube). But in today’s world, now that Wilkins has been discontinued, the commercials themselves turned into a meme, and it did teach us one thing: “Try our coffee, or DIE.”

Oh, and fun fact: Jim Henson never liked coffee.


And here’s my not-so-good coffee story from another thread.

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I still own a 1940s Cory vacuum coffee pot. I haven’t used it in years though.


They never look like they could actually free-stand. But I suppose they do.


Indeed, they do! I may post a picture of mine later. It’s a manual stove-top pot though. I used to own four vacuum pots (including an automatic), but I thinned my collection to just the one as my primary interests in using my available space changed.

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My newest coffee obsession is Trader Joe’s instant cold brew. I use it with Chobani vanilla oat milk creamer. It’s delicious!

I am very, very, inordinately fond of coffee.

I have a soft spot in particular for Burundi, and there are some wonderful Ethiopian blends out there (Yirgachiffe is amazing for it’s blueberry-esque flavor!). Those are my go-to hot coffees, perfect for winter, though the past couple of years I’ve gone all-in on cold brew, after having phases of mocha and latte obsession. Now that I’ve gone cold brew I can’t really get into lattes and the like as I once did. When I need decaf (I try to cut myself off after 2 PM) I typically order a decaf Americano.

Brand-wise, I buy from a few local roasters in southern Ohio who ethically source and beautifully roast some incredible beans: Silver Bridge Coffee, River Roasters Coffee Company, and Roosevelt Coffee Roasters. And a special shoutout to Dean’s Beans; not only do they supply to one of my favorite coffee shops of all time (Donkey Coffee & Espresso in Athens, Ohio) but after checking out the merch table at a recent Weird Al concert, I discovered that they also supply Weird Al’s own brand, Jackson Park Espresso! They have a major focus on fair trade which I’ve appreciated along with their quality.

And speaking of celebrity-branded coffee…David Lynch Coffee makes for a damn fine cup, as one would expect!


Next he needs to come out with a line of pies called Damn Fine Pie.

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I have an order arriving (hopefully) tomorrow - all green beans for home roasting.
Ethiopian Sidamo, Indian Monsooned Malabar AA, Indonesia U Tani Gayo and Papua New Guinea Lamari.

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I wish I could find videos of Paul F Tompkins as the King of Coffee but here’s him singing the Workjuice anthem with other comedy luminaries.

How do you take it?
When do you take it?
Where do you take it?
Or do you in fact, just not take it at all?

It’s hard hitting questions like this that once made me a world renowned reporter

(in my own mind)

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Personally I usually prefer some kind of chocolate or mocha, maybe something like a carmel machioto creamer… always splice with some actual milk.

If I’m feeling sugared out I just do milk, once in a while I enjoy a cooled cup of black coffee.

Starbucks is amazing but don’t go often because I’m cheap, but I do drink the canned gas-station stuff from starbucks. Even the coffee in the bottles is really good and only contains milk, mocha, and starbucks coffee. Just finally tried it the other day after seeing the ingredients and it was a nice break from the can coffee meats energy drink stuff.

Never had Dunkins…

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I used to have an out-of-control coffee habit. CRAZY out-of-control.

But I was all about a French Vanilla roast, black.

FUN FACT: I used to have a penchant for dipping large pretzels into that coffee as part of a ritual or habit while watching new Sci-Fi era episodes of MST3K.

If I was to get coffee from some other place? Dunkin’ Donuts, easily. Their stuff was magic.

Diner coffee was something fantastic, too. Pure rocket fuel.

Like I think the worst I was with coffee was in my late teens. I’d drink like two pots a day to myself, now usually I’ll have a half pot to a full pot some days, but a lot of days I’ll just do a couple energy drinks(although I usually lean towards the coffee ones).

french vanilla is a classic though, can’t go wrong with that.

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