The Elephant in the Writing Room

Savoring the latest Virtual Visit of Season 13, I stumbled into a confession. A couple writers acknowledged skits in experiments are an extension of that one aspect of the movie they aren’t able to riff about as the film is going on. Catching a couple shows since, it’s pretty obvious that’s the strategy. What Elephant in the Writing Room emerged as the best skit?


First thing to come to my head: I Accuse My Parents, the deep dive into Jimmy’s psychosis is one of the best written and most perfectly realized skits ever put together. It just works so well how they break down how everything is actually Jimmy’s own fault because he chooses to lie to make himself feel better rather than confront his parents’ like an adult (which he most clearly IS). Really, it’s fantastic.


They seemed to riff pretty good over The Band That Played California Lady as it was going on before doing that skit about The Band That Played California Lady.


Cave Dwellers’ (1984) opening titles were a mile a minute of riffing gold. Joel and the Bots couldn’t destroy them totally til the sketch 20 minutes later. The slow-mo foggy incomprehension of the skit finished the titles to full brilliant effect.