The Extended World of Pillars vs Pillers

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I’m from central NJ where we have a “neutral” accent. My wife say I talk like a newscaster, with no accent. Maybe that’s why affects and dialects interest me.

There’s a decent “test” of your dialect here:

At over time it was very accurate for where I grew up, but I think I’m slowly picking up new things so I’m more scattered now.


Ooh! The blinker!

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I’ve always said both root (like that of a tree) and route the same way.


I’m from central NJ where we have a “neutral” accent.

I thought that was true, until after I’d been away from central NJ and in the Pacific NW for 15 years. Suddenly I went home for a visit, and everyone had an accent. o_0 Also, tack on another five years away, and I reached the point where locals out here stopped saying, “Oh, I knew you were from there even before you said you were!”

This isn’t just an accent issue, though. It’s also a speed and volume issue. I worked diligently at speaking more slow and low out here, so I wouldn’t constantly frustrate or alarm people.

When I’m back with family, though, it takes me all of 15 -20 minutes to revert. I have to, or I’ll get trampled. :joy:


To me, the names Don and Dawn are pronounced exactly the same. It is a characteristic of my western Pennsylvania Pittsburgh-ish dialect known as the cot-caught merger.

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My whole life I’ve pronounced Caramel as Carmel, because that’s how we say 'round here.

MST gave me a few, Kevin ignoring the “s” sound in fudgesicle to call it “fugicle” (I always wondered if that was regionalism or a Kevin-ism, then I saw this… Fudgicle vs. Fudgsicle | Tom Pappalardo)

And there’s the wonky way they pronounce Karaoke. Car-O-kee rather that Care-E-Okee (which is the common usage, but still different than the way the Japanese say it)

And the classic - the way certain Brits pronounce “can’t” is good for a giggle. Especially when MST made note of it in The Projected Man (the actress really hit the “uh” sound when saying the word)

BTW - there’s a nice British woman, Emma, who posts videos that help with pronunciations, and in her “can/can’t” tutorial she warns against accidentally saying a bad word. The cover image for her vid makes me smile.


That was interesting, though where I’m from we say primarily cougar, but mountain lion is also used. Truck/Semi are interchangeable (no option). Rainfall when the sun is shining has always been a summer rain (even in the Spring, but they didn’t offer that option).

I’ve moved around some, so I picked up y’all from living in Tennessee. And we always called it pop in the place I was born and raised, but the map says, “no you don’t”, the hell you say. Pop was it, no one called it soda or Coke… a grandparent might have said soda-pop (they originally came from the Midwest) but for everyone else (family or otherwise), it was simply pop.

‘grass’, ‘glass’ and ‘bath’ are the big fault lines in terms of English regional pronunciations, in my experience. They either rhyme with ‘arse’ or ‘ass’ depending on where you’re from.


For this post alone I am deeply thankful that @Lesley relaxed the naughty-word filtration.


Me too. Using ‘Posterior’ and ‘Rear End’ wouldn’t have been great for making my point.

Yes, but we still can’t type shit.
Oops! :flushed:

If you mix up the pronunciations of “Haitian” and “Asian”, you may end up geographically discombobulated.
In the UK, “randy” means sexually aroused. This can cause unintentional hilarity, as in the case of, say, this…


And let’s not get onto the topic of Pyooma Man/Pooma Man.

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And this sort of thing just cracks us Limeys up. Because, although we have our centuries of highbrow culture and literature, an unintended knob gag is just FUNNY!


Looks like a big night in for the Captain

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Typolad at LiveJournal used to catalog these magical comics moments. But I don’t know if the images are still viewable, though the posts are still there. :frowning:

Yeah, seems like the images have been scrubbed. Guess someone pulled a major boner somewhere.

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There’s still a lot of them at

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Worth a look, for anyone who hasn’t seen it. See this video at 1:17:39: