The Film Foundation

I feel like this isn’t strictly “off topic, but anyways. Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation has restored nearly 1000 pieces of classic cinema and will be streaming them online the second Monday of every month. I don’t know a lot about old film so I’m not sure how big of a deal this is but it seems pretty great, especially cuz I know so many of you all are old movie buffs on here. And with the increasing rarity of old content what with streaming and all that, I think it’s great they’re keeping old films alive. It’s art!


That’s pretty neat. Just make sure you have good internet because if you have to stream it at 144p, all his work would be wasted. Is he also going to show it all in theaters on the film?


Probably not. Sounds like this is a collection the foundation has had for awhile and been screening at film festivals and stuff, it’s the online availability that’s new. More accessible to people


I could have kissed Scorsese (and his entire restoration team) for the work they did on One Eyed Jacks, I adored the movie, but for decades all I had access to was trash prints of the thing (some company once released in on DB… but it was still that same trash print). The restoration (released by Criterion) was gorgeous, it was like seeing the film for the first time (and if they’d play that on the big screen here in town, I’d be there in a heartbeat, even with my recent grumpiness towards the theater experience). BTW, Spielberg also threw money into the restoration, so a virtual smooch for him as well.

I’ve seen all of those posted, wished I’d have heard of this earlier as I would have registered for Kummatty… though what I’ve seen from Aravindan hasn’t been my cup o’ tea, that’s the only one listed that I haven’t seen.

The Chase is a weird one - and not everyone likes it, but I did


Nice! Looks like they’ll be showing Edgar Ulmer’s Detour.

MSTies knows Ulmer for episode 623, The Amazing Transparent Man but he directed some good movies, too…