The Flop House

When Joel announced the next cast and crew for MST3K, he announced Elliot Kalan as the head writer. Joel also mentioned he was one of the hosts of the Flop House podcast, so I decided to check it out, and it quickly became my favorite podcast. Elliot and Dan and Stu are all incredibly smart and funny and silly, which is what MST3K is at it’s best. I knew a few episodes in that Elliot was perfect for MST3K. Has anyone else gotten into the Flop House like I have?


Going to check it out this week and get back to you

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I did the exact same thing to check out Elliott. The Flop House is a favorite, and the new minis they are doing are lots of fun. I keep meaning to send them an email and see if they answer my dumb-ass question.

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I actually sort of stopped once the show was announced. I shotgunned all the episodes when I was living in China in 2016 and liked it but didn’t keep up with it.

I need to get back into it. Loved their episode on Shyamalan’s Glass.