The Groovy, Tumultuous, Swinging 60s

I was born in the 60s, nuff said.

Oh, okay, there was other stuff… the 60s were a decade of cool fashions and great music, but also a decade of great discord.

Some of you weren’t even born, but some of us were, and at the least, it left its mark. Let’s talk the 1960s


It gave us groovy fashions (and Diana Rigg)

It gave me my favorite band


It gave me my favorite comic books


It gave me Mr. Spock

It gave me James Bond

It gave me some of my favorite novels


It gave me a decade of Packer dominance (where they won the first Super Bowls, WOO-HOO, PACKERS!)


Not to mention, it gave us dangerous toys, which inspired a memorable Joel era host segment



No 60s thread would be complete without Soul Bossa Nova.




When I think of the 1960s, I think of Bedazzled.



I think of Adam West and Batman, and all his friends and foes…

and the Batusi


May of 1969 and the world reached its acme. I was born. :wink:


In 1967 the NHL doubled in size when these 6 teams were introduced:

All the new teams were put into the same division so they would theoretically each have the same chance at success. But it was my fave, the St. Louis Blues who were the early standouts. They made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in each of their first 3 seasons but were easily defeated by Montreal in 68 & 69 and Boston in 70. After that, they had to endure decades of playoffs frustration before finally winning the Stanley Cup in 2019.


“No, Potroast YOU can’t go to Woodstock you’re four years old!!” :angry:

“Did I mention there were DRUGS back then?”


To this 7-year-old kid in 1966, there was nothing bigger. Then I got older and found out how funny the show was. I still pop in an episode once in a while for a nostalgic laugh.


I wasn’t even around in the 60s, but I was so excited when it finally came out on DVD. I pity the people who dismiss it as silly kids’ stuff.


I remember back in the 60s watching this one Saturday morning cartoon about a rock band. The cartoon was so successful that they went out and got 4 guys to perform as a live-action version of the cartoon band. I haven’t seen those cartoons or that band in many years. Wonder what ever happened to them. I guess people just got tired of them, especially once the much superior Monkees came along.


During part of that series they used “And Your Bird Can Sing” as the theme song, and that could be the reason it’s my favorite Beatles song to this day.


I was no more than 4 in the 60s, I have memories of memories and that’s about it. There was mid-century modern robins-egg blue plastic furniture.

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In 1962 the Mets were born, in 1967 this pitching phenom named Tom Seaver made the roster, and in 1969 the miracle happened, and they won the World Series!

Also in 1969, Seattle joined the league… and then a year later, our Pilots moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers. So that was short lived (until we got the Mariners)

Oh, and then there was that moon landing thing, I dunno, that was pretty exciting for this kid too. Almost as exciting as the Mets.


I started becoming interested in baseball around 1967, and in the New York area then a lot of people (including my father) still went on about how the Yankees were the great team. I couldn’t see why - they hadn’t been good in years. Meanwhile, the “new” team in Queens were a lot of fun to watch, and I became a fan. Then 1969 happened.

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:airplane: Personal memories: Dad was in the Navy, worked on an aircraft carrier, fixed planes and such, and we briefly lived on base, which I thought was great. Later he left (the navy), and we moved, and he took a job at Boeing, so I thought my pops was the coolest. Whenever I’d see one (a Boeing jet) fly overhead I wondered if he worked on it.

But folks, you didn’t have to live through the 60s, to talk about them.

You can discuss favorite entertainment, great albums for the decade, for example.

Along with the biggies for me (The Beatles, Hendrix, Dylan) the Zombies released Odessey and Oracle, which had this memorable track.

And Love’s, Forever Changes was pretty amazing.

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For the first couple minutes, the image was upside down. When Walter Cronkite reported that, he also said that millions of Americans were moving to stand on their heads.

I was one of them.

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