The Homestretch of Season 13

With The Batwoman (1968) free in the wild delighting MSTies far and wide, 5 episodes of Season 13 are left. The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967), H.G. Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come (1979), The Mask 3D (1961), The Bubble (1966), and The Christmas Dragon (2014). What are your feelings now 8 shows in? Satisfaction? Pride? Not sure? Expecting anything in particular out of the remaining experiments? Where is Season 13 now and how are you feeling about the future?


I’m loving the season so far, all solid epsodes. I’m really looking forward to the Halloween episode The Mask in 3D!


As am I. A first for the show and it will be something to see. AND IN 3-D!!!


In my opinion, this is a ridiculously strong season so far. I knew this was going to be special, but I had no idea that it was going to be god-tier episode after god-tier episode after god-tier episode. I love the selection of movies, adore the riffs/writing, dig the host segments, and think the world of the performances.

When this is all said and done, I think you’re going to be looking at one of the most overall solid seasons in the show’s run. It feels like this season is THAT damn good to rival favorites in Season Five and Season Eight.

As for what I’m looking forward to? All of them, really, but outside of the obvious answer of seeing all three hosts do their comedy Voltron thing for The Christmas Dragon, I’m really anticipating The Bubble. I know nothing about it outside of the general sense of hushed/whispered dread over how the movie is, and I gotta say, I am… intrigued.

If the rest of the season is as good as the eight episodes we’ve just seen, you can expect this to be regarded as one of MST3K’s finest.


I’m mainly hoping for there to be nothing to delay the 3D masks for The Mask.


I’ve enjoyed them all. But it’s too early for me to declare where I’d rank them in relation to the CC/SciFi Eras. Heck, I’m still not sure where I rank all of the Netflix Era that way. Though I know that I like some more than others.


I’ve enjoyed this season and it really captures the spirit of MST3K for me, but, honestly, Gamera Vs Jiger is the only experiment so far that I’d name as a new favorite.

It really is a “It’s not you, it’s me” deal and that’s cool. In fact, that’s MST3K to me. There very well is an experiment that I will rediscover years from now on a rewatch and wonder how the hell I missed its brilliance.

That said, with each new experiment, there could be a new favorite. I think that the folks involved in both crews are ridiculously talented and I hope that this season is just the beginning of a long future for a show that has brought me a lot of joy, entertainment, laughs and even comfort for thirty years.




I’ve enjoyed this season more than the Netflix seasons (not that I didn’t like those.) There have been some episodes this season that I can take or leave, but my favorites have been Santo, Beyond Atlantis and The Batwoman. I think the episodes I’m least likely to enjoy are mostly behind us.


This is my favorite of the 3 relaunch seasons so far. And I really, really hope they find a way to keep making more.


Season 13 has been so fantastic! I could probably could gush all night about why I love this so much, but I’ll say that I’ve enjoyed every single episode and so looking forward to the next ones!

Season 8 is my overall favorite, but Season 13 stands an excellent chance of overtaking it after all is said and done!

Worth every penny I gave to make this happen!


As far as the new seasons go, it’s probably the best riff pacing wise.


The entire experience - the episodes, the vault picks, the after shows and this forum right here - have been so perfectly wonderful I’m afraid this all may be a fantasy and I’ll wake up and find it never happened.


What happened?

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"Do you like the names of lots of fish?


As has been noted, we’re barely past the halfway point. I don’t think of this as the home stretch. I’d rather think of it as having 4 months of MST3K to look forward to.

I’ve really been feeling this, too. It’s been fantastic. Awesome riffs, fun host segments, so much good energy. I think the variety with the cast helps keep things fresh, as well as the differing combinations of writers. It’s been a blast, and even though my KS contribution was only a drop in the bucket, I’m honored to have had some small part in making this happen. (Can I claim Mega Synthia’s posterboard Batwoman costume as the section of the show’s budget that my contribution paid for?)


It’s been a really good season, and the wider Gizmoplex has been really fun and encouraging a stronger community feeling than any other show I’ve watched.

I’m already crossing everything that we get a season 14!


I want to wait and let it settle in my mind for a spell, but…

Sober first impressions? It’s a good season, but it’s not up there with 5 or 8. They’ve yet to have a complete knockout for me - there’s no “I Accuse My Parents” or “Jack Frost” or for the new era, an “Avalanche”, and without a few of those, I can’t really call a season great.

Beyond Atlantis is the closest to that - not sure where I’ll slot it just yet, but I see it hovering around the top 50 at this stage?

Conversely there’s Jiger and Robot Wars, which did not impress. I recently tried to revisit them but quit half-way through, they just don’t cut it for me and it’s silly to try and force it. I’ll give them another go in a year, give them a little space, and see how I feel then.

So yeah, too early for me to call it yet.

But it has been fun, I like the characters, even those in smaller roles (Kabahl, and now, Mega Synthia). I like the overall feel and tone of the show, the Gizmoplex experience it total. I think Emily, Kelsey and Conor have been a revelation. I think it has bundles of personality - plus, we have shorts, so that’s cool.


So far there hasn’t been an episode I haven’t liked. With the lessons learned from the Netflix era, no executives breathing down their necks, and a bigger writing staff filled with fans from all walks of life, I’m sure it’ll go down as one of the strongest seasons. Of course, that’s built on the foundations laid by the smaller crew during the classic era, and they’re really quite different beasts.

And the level of engagement during the live streams, the bonus material in the Vault Picks, the occasional drop-ins on the forums, plus all of the available episodes being in one place have shown the love the current crew has for the show and the fandom. I really hope the Gizmoplex becomes self-sustaining and that we keep getting new episodes past this initial 13.