The Homestretch of Season 13

Better Breakfasts is up and ready for download.

I have 49, no 48, no 47 seconds to go…


i had my doubts at first but i do prefer it… much love… EMZ? be my friend… lol

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The newest short Doing Things For Ourselves in School (1963) is now available on the Gizmoplex.


I wonder how many Cub Scouts in the 50s owed their Pencil Sharpener Emptying merit badges to having seen this film.

It’s too bad they didn’t get to Eraser Pounding until the next entry in the series.

The most popular chapter was Enduring Wedgies and Swirlies with Grace and Dignity.


You bet it was. A pail of nostalgia for the ears whenever I hear it.

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