The horrible decisions of John Forsythe

I’ve reached Kitten with a Whip in my rotation of episodes, and John Forsythe’s character always, always infuriates me. You’d think I’d become acclimated to him after 25 years.
I imagine the filmmakers were going for a suspenseful scenario where Forsythe is trapped in an ever-tightening web, but at every turn, especially early on, he digs himself in deeper with his choices. He should have immediately booted Ann-Margret from the house and locked the door, but then I guess there wouldn’t have been a movie.
Sorry, I just needed to vent.


Say what you want about Kitten With a Whip, it isn’t the lead actors that ruin it.

I agree with what you said, but John Forsythe sells it so well!


Oh, yeah. Forsythe, Ann-Margret and Peter Brown were good in a lot of other things and their performances really aren’t the problem here, but this script is terrible.


It should be noted that the average person placed in an unusual and high-pressure situation like what Stratton experienced won’t always think clearly and will be prone to making bad decisions. Still, it comes across as being done more for keeping the narrative from ending prematurely. This only serves to make the cop-out ending even more frustrating.


Speaking only for this heterosexual male…I understand how this plan would fall apart quickly. I have to wonder if this is why Forsythe opted to interact with the Angels via speakerphone.