The Hound of Death Blows His Cold Breath on Our Souls... Happy (bringing back) Death & Taxes Day!!

What do you think, sirs? About 6 weeks into the new season, it’ll have been a while since a ‘reason’ for a marathon… we could put some stale jelly beans on the leftover Raisin Snails from the premiere party… seems fitting for the day.


We will need the SOL gang to go full-on Ingmar Bergman if we go this route.


What about Death or Chi-Chi day?

And here we are— many are looking forward to the hangout tonight, and some will only be wearing their receipts, ooo-la-la-no.
I can’t find a mention of the episodes run during the original marathon day, so I suppose it’s a day for finding the eps that leave you, hahahaha, spent.
Sorry, even writing that was pretty… wait for it…
You know I’m gonna type it.
Oh yeah, I’m gonna type it.
You want to see me type it?
Well just stick aorund pal, keep pushing those calculator keys like that, I’ll do it, man!

…taxing. See, also inevitable.
I’ll show myself to the door.

I try to talk about my tax issues, but all that comes out is the horrified response of Bobo and Brain Guy to Hobgoblins. And I don’t even have a couch to jump on, or footie pajamas. [grumble]


“Listen, Crow, the numbers don’t lie!”

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‘Just the facts, ma’am…
Yeaaah just the facts, ma’aaam…’