The impossible to find memory hole

On the east coast of jersey, during warm summer nights, we tend to go to the jersey shore. Our House then had ZERO air condition, and we relied on huge fans to blow air around…sort of like a camp site with a roof over our heads.

One late night, I couldn’t sleep. Must have been 90 out. So, I dragged out our old white portable 2.5" radio/TV Combo and started scanning the dials. I think this was on the UHF setting. What I came across, I have burned into my mind, and I can’t find a clip of it anywhere.

It was basically an empty room IIRC, and about 8 school room chairs aranged back to back in a rectangular shape. It was some kind of asian game show, or talk show (Korean?) and they played musical chairs. Only with a twist. This game, they where carrying live roman candle type fireworks. and when the music stopped, they had to run to find an empty chair while holding the fire work.

still couldn’t sleep, but I was entertained. A few nights later, I found my first episode of Late Night With David Letterman on NBC, and became hooked. found that ;o).

I don’t know about the TV, but tell me more about these summer nights on the jersey coast. I’ve only driven through New Jersey once on my way to NYC and I was surprised with how beautiful it was. Way more lush and green than I thought it would be. Never been to thr coast but I bet it would be an awesome place to check out sometime.

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It still has it’s moments, but thanks to MTV invading about two decades ago, it’s not the same family friendly place it used to be… too many bars now. and a fire took away have the boards charm.

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I used to go to Wildwood NJ with my family every year right at the beginning of summer. My parents still go most years, about 55 years with only a few missed summers.

Sorry, no help with the Roman candle thing.

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There are many beautiful places in NJ. We don’t talk about them much. NJ is already the most densely populated state in the country. If outsiders only ever see the noisy ugly smelly industrial mess next to the Turnpike, that’s okay with us.

The Jersey shore varies from town to town. There are quiet places, crowded boardwalks, dog beaches, charming tourist traps, wildly overpriced tourist traps, parks with lighthouses, Atlantic City, etc.

As noted, MTV had a Jersey Shore reality TV show where they auditioned to find the most obnoxious 20-somethings in Queens and then bussed them over to NJ so they could have their loud drunken antics filmed. That changed the reputation of the place somewhat, but thankfully I believe it was mostly confined to the northern beaches closer to NYC.

There are some beautiful parks and lakes more inland, as well. And Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the best theme parks in the northeast.

But, mostly, NJ is a string of suburbs stretching from Philly to NYC, with streets named after the things they paved over to make the housing development on that street. The farmland that used to produce things like the famous Jersey tomatoes has become very scarce.

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And of course, lets not forget one of the biggest annual events every year that I’m proud to help out with :slight_smile: This sums up summers at jersey very very nicely :).