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I figured I would share some of the MST3K-related Art I’ve gotten over the years. Here are a bunch of sketch cards I got from Tony Fleecs.



Tom Servo as Green Lantern by Ethan Van Sciver, before he got all… well, it was a while ago.


These are great


Some blank cards I got from Manos and MST3K trading card Kickstarters that I had drawn on at a local art mart yesterday.


I’m all over the place; I majored in drawing and Intaglio printmaking, and since it’s nearly impossible to access Intaglio facilities, I mostly focus just on mixed-media drawing these days. I usually either do a giant 4’x5’ pastel/charcoal/graphite/ink piece, or little illustrations, and I used to do chalk art on sandwich board signs for businesses; some examples:

Shop sign

4’x5’ Chalk and conté

4’x5’ Chalk and conté

4’x5’ Chalk, conté, and acrylic. Several layers, strips of tape placed at random each layer, then peeled off as the final step, revealing all the layers in pieces beneath (the tape backs looked pretty great, too.)

I’m also working on a kids’ Don Quixote, watercolour backgrounds with digital drawing over top:

Except when Don’s hallucinating, then it’s all digital funkadelics (this one is still in progress):

And for fun, here’s some Intaglio that I haven’t been able to do for 13 years:


Love it! The colors in that last pieces are just gorgeous. And I adore the horse:


Thank you! Rocinante (the horse) is an especially loved part of that project, he’s so loyal, and incapable. :smiley:


bubbles GIF


New collage done over the weekend, with KITTIES!!

(Friday was the name of an orphaned kitten we cared for briefly several years ago. We fell in love, of course. But he didn’t live long, poor little dude. :cry: But I’ve done four “Fridays” so far in his honor.)

Brings my count for the month up to four, which is the most I’ve gotten done in 30 days since the beginning of the year. :partying_face: I told a collage-ing pal that I’d bring some black and white flyers to his show in the middle of next month, so I have to get going on that REAL soon. :sweat:

Early September will also be the five-year-anniversary of me starting to make these things again, after seven years of downtime. :tada:


My mom was the all around artist in the family, painting, jewelry, ceramics, porcelain dolls, etc…

Lost a lot of her stuff when my dad sold his house but I do have several of her paintings hanging in my house:

Only drawing I can do is the CAD type, and the only semi-artistic painting I’ve done is learning to use an airbrush for model work.


I’ve been gone for a while helping get stuff finalized…but now it’s finalized!

My wife’s stuff is up at Atwater Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI for ArtPrize 2022!

I built the frames for Jon Boy Blue and Yellow Roses Framing Face. (I’ve never built frames before…somehow both easier and trickier than I expected it to be.)

I wish I’d gotten a glass with an anti-glare coating, but when the sun isn’t pouring straight in on them it’s not bad at all.

I think Disquiet is a rad piece.


Sadly, the Art Show attendance was not to be. :frowning_face:

Thanks, Covid. You putz. :angry:

(I’ll still finish the things I was making and post them. Eventually.)


These are so cool!


I’ll tell her!

These two are probably my favorites, but it’s a tough call. The two I framed are really cool because she built the “canvases” for those out of scraps of cardboard.

The textures are wild up close.


Framing is easy. It’s stitch ups that are hard.

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Finished these Fall-ish things this weekend. One more is in the queue and I’m really anxious to get it done before month’s end:

Dress-Up 3

Jumpin Pumpkins 2


There was a GI Joe convention in my town today. One of the big guests was former GI Joe artist Ron Wagner. We used to live in the same apartment building, so I’ve known him for quite a while.

When I got some blank cards from Richard Parks a few years back, I knew what I wanted to ask Ron to draw, but then the pandemic hit and comic cons stopped happening for a bit.

When I asked if he would be willing to draw me Gillman, his eyes lit up a bit. When I picked it up a few hours later he said “That was fun, and I didn’t have to draw a gun!”

I’m glad I could give him a little break from GI Joe stuff.


Now, Gillman with a gun…

Yesterday was MinIcon in Des Moines, and I took a bunch of MST3K blanks with me.

I got Kinga Forrester by Rich Koslowski (this is my second card by an Archie artist. I think my goal is to now get Pearl, Synthia and Mega Synthia done in Archie style).

Turkey Volume Guessing Man by Dean Sturtevant of Green Unicorn Art.

Diabolik by S Clarke Hawbaker (I love how the scatchiness of the form contrasts with the detail of the eyes).

Jet Jaguar by Phil Hester.

El Santo by Eric Gapstur.

And Professor Bobo by Trey Baldwin, who informed me he was a sketch card artist on Series Four! So that was very cool. My first time meeting one of the official artists for a card series in person


Both of my children’s books - Hilda & Richie plus Hilda & Richie’s Wizard - are discounted in digital format over on DriveThruFiction for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Anyone wanting them better act now!

Hilda & Richie: Hilda and Richie - Different Mousetrap Press LLC |

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Plus, their third book Hilda & Richie’s Sandwich will be coming out next year!

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