The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Who is the Stranger?)

According to the cast list for the upcoming series, Daniel Weyman plays a character called the Stranger. All we know about this figure so far is that they are new to Middle-Earth, and according to a poster seems to have a beard and somewhat dirty fingers. Initially it was believed he might be Sauron in the form of Anatar, but with the release of the poster, he could be Tom Bombadil or even Gandalf, who do you think he might be?


Doubt it’s Bombadil. Isn’t he supposed to be older than Gandalf? Isn’t one of the reasons he’s immune to the power of the Ring is that he is from the First Age?

It could be a sneaky way to introduce Gandalf or Radagast into the story, but supposedly the production doesn’t have the rights to include any of the wizards. (except maybe the Blue Wizard since I don’t think that character ever had a name.)


Maybe it’s the Phantom Stranger?


  1. Yes, I know it’s not. But… What If? :grin: ↩︎


The apple could be some not-so-subtle Garden of Eden symbolism, so Sauron would make sense.


All I know is you should slap that apple right out of their hands.



It’s going to be Sauron.

Gandalf didn’t arrive in Middle Earth until the Third Age, and Bombadil had always been here.

I’m not going to watch this show because I’m allergic to anything Middle Earth that wasn’t written by Tolkien (The Hobbit movies taught me that). But it’s an interesting idea.


I’ll give it a whirl. That Variety article about it seemed to indicate that the showrunners ‘get it’.

(Replacing official GIF with my own upload since the official ones get turned into (image larger than 4MB) at random.)


Technically, Gandalf is a Maiar, so he’s been around since the beginning of time - he just came to Middle Earth in the Third Age.

We don’t really know how old Tom Bombadil was, but he can’t actually be older than Gandalf since time didn’t exist before.

Gandalf was a Maia who was in Valinor and didn’t care anything about affairs in Middle Earth until he and the other Istari were basically drafted to come over here.

Bombadil is not older than Gandalf but, unlike him, he was in Middle Earth from the very first.

Is this picture confirmed to be of the Stranger? I’m pretty sure Annatar didn’t have a beard and certainly not dirty hands. I’m trying to decide if that’s a worm coming out of the apple or just the stem. If a worm it would certainly reinforce the Satan/Tempter aspect of Annatar.

But who knows, it could be Fangorn in his youth.