The Mads: The Brain Eaters updates + discussion

I have my ticket and just received an email notification (as did likely all who bought a ticket already) from Chris that the event had to be moved to Twitch. You don’t have to subscribe to watch it there and you still get your download. Sounds like YouTube’s being stupid again (it’s a public domain movie but the tube has incorrectly flagged it)

Also, their special guests will be Marcus Parks & Carolina Hidalgo ( Last Podcast on the Left, Carolina Hidalgo )

The show will be shown this coming Tuesday, the 14th, and I hope to see you all there. Should be a blast.


Yeah, this is a little inconvenient in that I have to find a way to get Twitch onto my TV, but I’m sure I’ll work it out.

The last time this happened I couldn’t get access to their backup site, buuut, I had the download to watch, so, no worries.

I won’t bother with the stream itself, I’ll just pop the download onto the NAS instead. Where I’m concerned, as long as they provide direct file deliveries they can stream it wherever they like. But I know not everyone’s in the same boat.

Oh, I’ll be putting the download on my home server too. But I like to follow the live chat at the Satellite of Love chat room, so I want to have the stream.

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That’s a good point. For folks like yourself who enjoy the interactive live portion, the platform is important.

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I found a twitch app on either my Apple TV or my Samsung tv (can’t remember which one). That seems to work well for streaming. I watching Mary Jo’s thing there pretty easily.

Is anyone interested in an open thread to discuss the show here? If so, I’m gonna make one.

We could just use this one, no need to double up (I can change the title) or do you mean something separate where we gab while we watch (which I don’t like doing personally as it distracts me from the show… but I’m down with talking about it after)

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Why not do both? I double checked and it’s permissable to do here, ask let’s talk about the show here - during and after!

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I guess I don’t understand what you’re asking? Do you want 2 discussion threads for this specific show (this one, and another)? Or you want to start a general Mads Live thread (which we have). I’m confused as to what another thread will do, but I’m not the boss, so do what you wanna do.

I’m going to have to run and will be watching it later, but have fun y’all, with whatever you decide. (but I changed the header, just in case)

Lol, I got set up to watch the movie and completely forgot about the discussion I suggested we have. Oops.

I meant for us to chat here during the show for those into that. And of course any discussion after the show could go here too. And then I blanked on the first part.

Again, oops.

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Ah, okay… and sorry for being so dense. I’ll blame it on insomnia. :wink:

So I just started it, and there’s a message that states that parts of the audio have been muted due to rights issues… so I’m hoping it won’t be muted on the download. I think I’ll pause it, and wait till tomorrow and see what Chris has to say when he sends out those downloads.

Man, what a pain this movie has become. Curious, that we got a new MST update discussing rights issues, and how doing PD isn’t as easy as it seems – that’s been put on display with Brain Eaters.

BTW - Chris did send out an updated link for The Tingler, which is the next rebroadcast

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And yeah, just downloaded it and the upgraded Tingler looks sooooo much better (my original was pretty bad, I can just discard the original).

That was a really good episode, and loads of solid riffs. I’m with Frank, it’s amazing it was never picked up for MST3K. The cast, the plot, the film style, everything is perfect for the show.


Though I was disappointed we didn’t get a “Steve” shoutout (or if we did, I missed it on my first viewing) I agree, that was a good marriage of movie and riffs.

Professor Cool was my favorite character… I wonder who played that old guy? :thinking: :wink:

No worries. I’m not gonna complain, I didn’t think to post during the show, not once.

Now that I think about it, a show like this that I’ve never seen? I can’t focus enough to watch and type. I could (barely) do it with the livestream because I’ve seen the episodes enough to get by.

I was kinda surprised that there was a Riverdale, but not a single Archie reference! That one guy from “Rock N’ Roll Nightmare” would be disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was a little surprised too, but I guess Trace and Frank just decided not to go there. They certainly said “Riverdale” in the movie enough times.

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In this case, the rights thing is more a problem with YouTube’s system than anything else, I think. I have a channel with old public domain radio shows, and I was constantly having to contest false claims brought by people who claimed to own the rights. Most of the time they would back down, but if they don’t, you have no recourse with YouTube but to bring a formal legal challenge.