The Majestic Music Appreciation Thread

I love this upbeat song that plays in Klonoa 2.

Here’re some of the anime opening and ending songs by the Japanese rock band Ali Project.


Is it odd that I dislike The Eagles but love each musician’s solo albums and/or other bands?


So, I’m working on a list where I’m picking best (or more accurately, favorite) original movie songs for each year.

It’s very time consuming and requires a lot of research, and now I’m wondering why I got the bright idea to do such a dumb thing in the first place. :laughing:

I also want to find tunes from around the world, and not just from Hollywood. And I finally added a winner from Mexico. It comes from a movie called Flor Silvestre (Wild Flower - 1943), from director Emilio Fernández. I think it’s a really pretty track, with lovely harmonies from brothers José and Miguel Castilla. Wanted to share it with y’all.

Sadly, the Theme from Shaft was supplanted… by Mother Sky (Deep End) from krautrock band “Can”. Shaft’s great but lord do I love creepy hypnotic stuff like this. Here’s the uncut, 14 minute version, if you dare…


This is a very ambitious project and i think we’d all love to see the final result!


It’ll probably take, well, forever, but when I do publish, I’ll share it

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Oh heavens no. I suspect that Joe Walsh might have actually redeemed The Eagles if he weren’t so wasted. And if he cared.


Never really cared for live recordings to be honest… But I always loved the Rust album.

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Is it wrong to like Wings? :rofl:


May I make a recommendation for 1947? Or 2007 if you prefer.

Also, this could technically be considered from Hollywood while out in the world I suppose…


11 year old girl belting out an incredible version of House Of The Rising Sun:


Great choices, buuuut, for the purpose of the project, they have to be originals, made for the movie. (For example, “Singin in the Rain” isn’t eligible for the 1952 film, because it was first published and recorded back in 1929). But it is an interesting coincidence that today I started a search through films from France.

Edit - which is why it’s going to take forever - the first pass through is relatively easy, it’s when you start peeling back the onion, that’s where it gets tough. For example, I looked over Renoirs movie “French Cancan”, and hey, there’s Édith Piaf singing Sérénade du Pavé, but now I have to find out if it’s an original, or an old standard, etc (and searches for anything outside US or British productions can be difficult) -edit, edit, a wiki list of her tunes says it was recorded for the film, but… it was also used in an earlier movie, so, not eligible-

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When a woman suggests “this could be ‘our’ song,” it’s pretty much time to bail!


This is my Record Store Day haul. Would have purchased more, but I already spent more than I planned.

The Darlene Love record is really good. In particular, she does a great rendition of River Deep, Mountain High.

Listening to the Patti Smith record (actually, a double LP) right now.


My RSD haul…

  • Kirk Hammett (Vinyl and CD)

  • Sun Records Comp

  • Shankar Family

  • Jonathan Richman

  • Replacements

  • Ramones

  • Iggy Pop

  • Willie Nelson

  • Joni Mitchell

  • The Cure

  • Alice Cooper

  • Gojira

  • GBH (Not RSD release)


Here’s something I want to tell you guys that’s related to this thread. This is also a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Have y’all ever heard of the Yamanote Line?

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If you never heard of it, then… I dunno on what else to say. If you guys did heard of it before, there’s also something you might not know. The song about it exists on YOU GOTTA QUINTET!!!