The Majestic Music Appreciation Thread

I could listen to this on repeat for hours.
Actually I could listen to half the songs on the album (Swipe Right for Vintage) that way…

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One month, I’ll be seeing this performed live. Cannot wait.

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Behold. The rediscovered QUEEN song.


After hearing my mother didn’t pass along my links to my middle nephew, 9-year old would-be trap drums specialist.

And a bit of both worlds: piano and trap drums.

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This song plays when starting up games made by Valve.


Sure! The classics.


I sure hope my middle nephew, aspiring drummer, can get his grandma (my mother) to not only play the Richard Tee/Steve Gadd “Take the A Train” on youtube, but also this.

Yeah, he and my mom stopped by my place not long after I got off work earlier today, just on a lark, which is cool, and I ended jamming a bit on piano for laughs as they left (sort of a medley, I guess, of Stag-O-Lee, weaved in some “Georgia,” deliberately hit a false note in bass to try to arouse some suspicion or interest in the kid…“Ay! New key? What was that?” and dropped down from G to F, then just did some blues with walking tenths in the LH and brought it back to “Georgia” after my mother “helpfully” suggested “Hey, was that ‘Georgia on my Mind?’” )

Well, yes ma’am.

Yeah I knew they’d be stopping by at some point after I got home from work, but I wasn’t about to do a quick Winston Wolf makeover of my place. Which my mother damned well must have known, you know: her only purpose was she found a deal on a two-pack of Oral-B electric toothbrushes at CostCo, and we were speaking not long ago about how once those rechargeable batteries go, they’re done as a unit. Supposed to just be I’d lay some cash on her and she bring me the stuff, bless her heart.

Prior to that I was drinking some Mike’s Hard Whatever and…what? I managed to actually “learn” the AC/DC tune “Girl’s Got Rhythm” on my Ibanez AF55. You know, shocker, but it’s not that difficult a riff to reproduce!

My place is not setup for visitors, really, but whatever. Hey, I didn’t ask them to stop by! But maybe it imprints on both of them that I don’t care too much…just fall by whenever, no big deal! I’m either at home or not!

Am slightly peeved my mother can’t “figure out” how to click on a youtube link from either e-mail or SMS message, but whatever.

They’re not allowed in my little office covered in mousetraps, cigarette smoke, empty beer cans, and likely “adult” imagery somewhere or other. She’s no rube, my mother, but even she knows my place is not “kid friendly.”

Although she did use my toilet/“bathroom” twice, which is a horror unto itself. Hey! I warned her! But fortune unto the brave, or whatever.

I don’t think nephew liked the cigarette smoke, but, meh, he’ll get over it. It’s not as though I’m soliciting room-mates!


All right, so this gal playing a nylon string guitar seems to have the correct chords for this tune I’m trying to learn (arrangement, Wes Montgomery).

Pretty good stuff to examine, her strumming and plucking technique.


I’ve been scouring the internets for clips of drums+piano tunes (or drums+bass or just plain drums) for inspiration for my middle nephew who is learning trap drums.

So, eventually, among many other things, of course I came back to this classic performance. No camera details of Levon, but one thing I’ve been noticing on the millionth time of revisiting this classic film/set is how much of Rick Danko’s unique, soulful vocals come through when he’s singing backup.

Not only is his ear fantastic for coming up with harmonizing parts (as in “Night/Drove/Dixie Down,” great example), but he has such a unique timbre to his voice. And I do believe the old anecdote that they turned off Robbie’s vocal mic, because I don’t hear him at all singing backup.

It’s not one of my skills in music, but I’m paying more attention these days to backup singing…just because after however many years of doing the music/technique things, it’s one more thing to geek out on that’s somewhat fresh to me.

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8 more classical music incoming!

(each of the 8 songs divided by 2’re arranged for the Quintet albums Are! Kore!, and Mayonaka no Dōbutsuen respectively.)

  1. Sabre Dance* by Aram Khachaturian
  2. Violin Concerto (Allegro molto appassionato)* by Felix Mendelssohn
  3. Cavalleria Rusticana* by Pietro Mascagni
  4. The Blue Danube* by Johann Strauss II
  5. Invitation to the Dance* by Carl Maria von Weber
  6. Toy Symphony* by Leopold Mozart
  7. The Marriage of Figaro (Overture)* by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  8. Six moments musicaux (Allegro moderato)* by Franz Schubert

There’re still more to add in the near future, but it’ll take a while.


My haul from Record Store Day Black Friday…

  • Joe Strummer - Live At Music Millennium
  • The Doors - Paris Blues
  • The Dead Milkmen - Metaphysical Graffiti
  • Jim Carroll Band - Catholic Boy
  • Dream Widow - Dream Widow
  • Thelonious Monk - The Classic Quartet
  • Charles Mingus - Mingus
  • Etta James - Etta Is Betta Than Evvah!
  • Green Jelly - Musick To Insult Your Intelligence By
  • Ghost - Impera (Picture Disc)
  • Ace Frehley - Origins Vol. 2 (Picture Disc)
  • Tower Of Power - 40th Anniversary, The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco

Plus some CDs while I was at the record store

  • Dead Cross - II
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Return Of The Dream Canteen
  • Bruce Springsteen - Only The Strong Survive
  • Chris Cornell - Songbook
  • KISS - Creatures Of The Night

2014 recording of Linus and Lucy with Jerry Granelli (last surviving member of the Vince Guaraldi Trio) on drums. Jerry passed away last year.

I think his brush work on the drums really added something special to all the music in the Peanuts TV shows.


Classic tune, of course, played by the composer. Amazing clear video of Wes’s technique on the guitar (both hands). No, I’m not ashamed to say I look at live “old” videos to see what finger is supposed to go where and so forth.

Anyway, brilliant performance of a classic tune (well, maybe not all of his backing group is entirely with it!). Although I do prefer the first version of this tune where the melody is used in bars 5-8 (of the main A section) rather than just blocking out the chords.


I can’t wait until this album drops in February.


Now that all the physical copies have been delivered to their recipients, I present to you the streaming version of my annual mixtape. The rules behind this are pretty simple–songs that were released in that year, and it has to fit on one CD–so no longer than 80 minutes.

Enjoy sveldhoff 2022, won’t you? (BTW, there’s swearing in this, so let that be a guide about when/where/how you listen to it)


Propers to Grant Green taking down a tune I never even thought much about. “Wives and Lovers” (Bacharach/Hal David tune).

Only really paid attention to this one after buying one of the Wolf Marshall books, this one dedicated to GG. Heard it a million times off the record, but it really is a nice performance, and featuring McCoy in one of his many disguises on acoustic piano.

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Dude’s pedal game is strong.


I would like to drop in to make a shout out to Freezepop, having just re-watched them singing “In the not too Distant Past” during the 1st Kickstarter (I was having a retro youtube crawl)

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So strong! Propers to that barefootin’ fool!

Been putting on one of Chick’s solo albums lately.

Can’t verify accuracy of this one, but it’s close.

Chick Corea was a sick mofo. So bad. So Monk.