The Master Approved!

I still can’t get over the fact that The Master himself, Tom Neyman, was a fan of the show and wound up discovering his lost film on it.

AND approved of the MST3K treatment of it.

Add in the fact that the fans embraced both him and Jackey, and that they in turn embraced us right back.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about that.


Did he ever attend an event? He would have been Master of the room if he had.


That I’m not sure, although from Jackeys interview it sounded like they did make appearances.

I’m gonna have to get her book now.


It would be different (but still cool) if he found out about the episode and discovered the show through that.

But he was a fan long BEFORE Manos even aired. Then turned the TV on one day and oh, hey, look at that, his long lost movie is ON THE SHOW!

That’s what really makes it brilliant. Just a fan of a cheesy little puppet show, then BAM. A star of it.