The Meaning Behind Your Screenname

I know some folks made mention of this in their intro thread, and some didn’t. But since so many folks are using handles, I thought it’d be fun to have a thread explaining just that. (More focused than the intro thread in that regard!)

Me? It’s my name. In the olden days of message boards I had Erik! (with the exclamation point) or just a simple E.

Maybe it’s narcissism, maybe it’s branding, maybe it’s something else entirely happening on some kind of subconscious level. Whatever it is, I’m sorry to have failed you more creatively named folks in that regard. :sweat_smile:

But why did you pick what you picked? Is it MST related? Is it a throwback to older days? Did you throw a dart at a list of words?

Inquiring minds!


Not MST related. Someone on a fandom board 20 or more years ago, called my Lady Shelley in a conversation, and I decided I liked it as a screen name.

The only problem is there is also a catamaran company in the Caribbean somewhere that has a boat named “Lady Shelley” so every time there’s a new internet thing (gmail, social media, whatever) I just imagine the company owners racing me to see who can get the name first. :rofl: :joy:


From one of my favorite in-jokes/running gags. It’s just so cute and funny whenever Pearl calls Crow “Art”. (And it has a great origin story too)


I decided to use the name of the main character from the movie Silent Running which I’ve read was an inspiration to Joel in creating MST3K.


I work for a mental health agency, and we had a WONDERFUL therapist who liked to use people’s last names, preceded by Miss or Mister. I know those pronouns can be limiting, but she worked with a lot of kids, and it was her way of teaching kids to address others with respect and proper manners (a dying art, like real journalism). Anyway that’s how I came to be Mr Scott, as my coworkers and our clients know me by that moniker. Thankfully, no Scottish impressions have been necessary (though always at the ready, I love me some Doohan, RIP).


Mine’s not MST-related. I just inverted the first and last, abbreviated both, especially the “Sandell” since I live in Hawaii so: sand. And said together, it sounds a lot like “sandwich,” one of my favorite foods! :slight_smile:


Mine was originally my email minus the @. Then I saw everyone else making up fun names and I caved to peer pressure. Kind of copying ghostbusters Gozor the Destructor.

Now that I think of it should have picked Torgo The Torgorian, but seems like a mouthful.


Although I was born only a few short years before the Summer of Love, and am therefor not an actual hippy, Hippy has been my nickname for decades as I tend to look the part. And just in case there is any dispute as to which Hippy one may be referring to in any given discourse here, it seemed quite appropriate to secure the screen name ‘TheHippy’.


I had my screenname when I first got into online gaming at around early-January in 2016. And I’ve been having the same screenname ever since.

Sadly, my younger sister found it cringey, but I don’t care what she said.


I just used my initials. I kept my avatar from Kickstarter though so folks can recognize me easier, hopefully.


Mine stands for The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester, which was a long lost twin I created for Clayton Forrester for some fan MSTings I was writing/co-writing in the '90s, and the realization that a clump of five letters with no vowels is likely to be available everywhere I need a login meant I soon adopted it across the board. Before that, I was generally known online as ‘ikaros’, and folks who remember the MST3K newsgroups on Usenet might remember me thusly.


The last time I participated in forums, about 15 years ago at this point, I often had usernames like Obscure and Equivocal, the latter being the one I used the most. In the years since the shortened version Equi has been my go to user name and it felt appropriate for my first foray into forums after this long.


One of my favorite record labels “Humble Beast” totes a common phrase “more humble rappers please”, and I liked the message behind that. Being a fan of Hip Hop, but not enjoying that the majority of hip hop is about bragging how you are the greatest, it was refreshing to see a label strive for excellent lyrics, productions, and a positive message. Humbledbeast was taken, so I took my surname at the end instead.

One of my favorite groups in the label is Beautiful Eulogy.


Mine is a handle I’ve had for years, which in fact is a portmanteau of two older usernames: mst3kgirl for even OLDER online fan adoration, and time4moxie which harkens back to the stone age and my fanfiction (not mst3k!) days. Ah, I still have my old mst3kgirl license plates… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:


My brothers couldn’t pronounce Ariel so they called me Ao and my middle name is Anne, so eventually my family nickname was “AoAnne.”


Just a Novicorp Processor Third Class scrolling up cinemas


So my handle is actually short for “The World’s Most Interesting Werewolf”. He was supposed to be one of the hosts of a Philadelphia based horror host show called the “Full Moon Manor”.

Unfortunately, the show never got lift off into production, but I have a lot of fun memories and the experience of pre-production, script writing and development were great. Still have a lot of fun photos from a costume design photoshoot!

At least I can still use the name, haha.


Mine is an evolution from the original. Way back in the early 90s when chat rooms were just becoming a thing, my sister, stepsisters and I were messing around in one late at night. Somehow The Magical Snow Yetti was invented, then it became several other versions and became attached to me. Eventually it settled on YettiChild and that’s been my username ever since. Long story short, I can’t freaking remember how I ended up with it.


I think that people come from trees.

I only use this identity in riffing communities, elsewhere folks would more likely just assume it’s my actual name. On most other forums I’m Shadekeep (my gaming author identity) or WeAreNomad.


If you have to ask…