The Meaning Behind Your Screenname

In high school my friends figured out that my name Dan backwards is Nad. This was infinitely funny to them and I was cursed with a nickname I didn’t like. But a few years later I was listening to one of my favorite bands, the Beastie Boys and I realized Ad Rock sometimes went by “the King Ad Rock” and I reclaimed a nickname I didn’t like into something that made me giggle.


Aha, fellow (definitely former in my case) DJ!

Man, do I miss that job.


One of my first internet monikers, and the one I used when I first experienced MST3K via a site dedicated to MSTing bad fanfics, was rather cringing as it was Princess Hiriel. The princess part I still use occasionally when I need to differentiate my name from others and came from my Disney obsession. Hiriel comes from Quenyan or Sindarin Elvish in Lord of the Rings, can’t remember which as I was learning both, and means something like Lady of the Stars.

Very cringy to look back on and was one I changed when I moved to Tumblr. I’ve been through 2 other names on various forums, some places I have a third.

Nowadays though I tend to use variations of Eevee, my favourite Pokemon.

I did consider using Taylor Rickman, the name I said I’d use if I was an experiment on MST3K. And I may change it to that at some point later to confuse you all


So, my gibberish username is a combination of two project ideas I had when I was younger, “glmd” being the initials of the leads from one and “grielson” being the last name I came up with for the other.

Since then I have had many cases of people tripping over it. I’ve gotten used to it.


I became a fan of the Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars franchise 20 years ago when anime releases came stateside. Bought them as they released here. Also bought the the 5th game when it came out on US PS2, then imported other games in the series.

The premise from the first game released in 1996 is that the Imperial capital of Tokyo is under attack from demons. The Imperial Assault Force (or Imperial Combat Revue) is a clandestine organization that combats the enemies while also posing as a theatrical troupe in the 1920s when steam power was king. The actresses are the combating unit who pilot psionic steam powered armor known as Koubu.

The game itself mixes a dating sim (gives the girls stay boosts and affects which ending you see) with an SRPG. It’s one of Sega’s biggest franchises. The most recent game was released in 2019 on PS4 and introduces a new cast in the 1940s (still Steam Punk).


I picked Lembach here, simply because I want to be welcome and figured it’ll make people want me to stay. At some point I’ll post a thread threatening to leave and everyone will beg me not to.


My screen name is…


(My greatest source of inspiration for one-off derby names for tournaments and joke scrimmage jerseys and such is Space Mutiny - I’ve gotten other skaters to giggle at Big McLargeHuge and Slab Bulkhead)


“Jon” for “Jonathan”. Obviously. “Lenn” for my high school nickname. 249 . The number of the graduating class of my high school. We don’t do years. Go Central!


I just thought it’s funny that when people read my name out loud, it’s like ‘ugh, god damnit, Russ’ gives me that ‘Aint I a stinker?’ Bugs Bunny vibe. Also I tend to say god damnit a lot.


I got my nick at the second ConventioCon. I was there with a bunch of my friends from the CompuServe MST forums. A lot of the forum folks had fun nicknames, but I hadn’t earned one yet. I was determined to do so before the weekend was out.

At one point we were in a candy store, killing time before a dinner reservation. On a lark, I bought two of those giant Pixy Stix. Seriously, there were like half a yard long.

Later that evening we were in CompuServe con suite (the AOL and Prodigy forums also had suites, provided by the con). We’d had a few drinks and were just generally fooling around. Somebody noticed that I had the Pixy Stix with me and dare me to down one of them in one go.

Being young and foolish and a little drunk, I proceeded to do just that. I immediately followed it with the second one. One of my compatriots said “well, there’s your nickname!” I modified the spelling and it stuck.


Well, it’s just the character from Goodfellas. “Get the papers, get the papers.”

Why? No idea, just first thing that came to mind for some reason. I know RT has referenced this bit at least once, so maybe was thinking of that.



Old nickname I picked up from Boy Scouts in middle school as I went to the National Jamboree in crutches. I think it started with as a ‘Newsies’ reference. Somehow stuck.


I build sets with my mind. I do battle with The Man Who Comes From The East.


The first part of my name is a name I found and took on about fifteen years ago to replace my birth name. Never legally changed it, as my original name does all the admin and has their names on documents, etc - so it’s like having dual identities!. The second part of the name derives from my working as a storyteller.


I have to admit that I pretty much never listen to radio any more and have completely switched to podcasts.


I wanted to be Cambot when I first joined AOL many many Moon Base 13s ago, but there were already thousands of Cambots with a bunch of numbers after their names, so I used my nickname and added “bot” to it and voila! :smiley:


I like having themed names. I’d actually be happy on the SOL. Old school b-movies tend to be safe for epileptics. I can watch a few before feeling sick. I’ve seen so many Corman movies that I’ve become immune. He is fond of having women being sexually victimized, so many I don’t watch more than once. I like finding public domain movies to watch. I’m convinced that people did not know how to function in the 50s. Sheesh, hospitals should have sent out user manuals back then. My mum is now interested in movies ripe for riffing. I finally got her into anime recently. So send me up with reincarnations of my riffing buddies, snacks and Scooby-Doo episodes to help me sleep.


From the best damn vehicle to ever show up onan episode :slight_smile: I’ve been using it since way back in the AOL fan group days


Mine is a mangling of a Latin word that means subtle. I picked it a few years back when I was feeling super salty about being so subtle I can basically turn invisible. It doesn’t even really fit the definition of the word (honestly the better descriptor is super introverted but I’ve never been good at words), but that’s how salty I was. It’s a super power, I tell ya. I could almost literally turn invisible. Even in a group. Even when that group is my friends. Salt salt salt. :roll_eyes: Anyway I’ve gotten over all the saltiness and gotten new friends. I still like the name so I kept it, and now it’s my name for most internet accounts and my gamer-tag on every platform I use. Yay!


My handle stands for “When You Say Wisconsin, You’ve Said It All,” which all good Badger fans know is what’s sung at the end of the Bud Song. I’ve been a long-time MSTie, but a longer-time Badger fan and alum twice over, and a Wisconsinite even longer still. Join us, won’t you?