The Mindless Summer merch made me think of Jean Jackson

I don’t know how many here were around back in the Usenet days of RATMM but Jean Jackson was an incredible artist who did mst3k themed artwork and seeing the Mindless Summer art made me think about her and some of her great work. She passed away a few years ago but she loved MST and loved when people appreciated her wonderful work.

I’m going to attach 1 of her works here. Gamera at the Vet, I am lucky enough to own a print of.

I’m also attaching a link to some background on her that has a link to all of her wonderful work. She was a brilliant gem of a human being and is missed terribly.


Wow! That takes me waaaay back. Glad you have a print. I still don’t understand why trolls and spammers even bother with Usenet, but they do. I have about two dozen newsgroups that are marginally fun but it’s sad. This forum has given me some of the feeling of the olden days but with the addition of a geometrically larger audience!