The movie The Dead Talk Back

And the gang do make the most of it: all of the riffs hit.

But, how am I, a simple weenie, to suffer through the “Grateful Dead” guitar pastiche? Yeah, I can map right arrow to FFWD using smplayer (or whatever), but it’s either not enough or too much!

I think I have to make some different keyboard mappings to FFWD through the guitar. Already got WASD and HJKL, so just one for this specific episode.

And, no, “The Selling Wizard” isn’t a bad short: it’s just so ridiculous, the originators, “gentleman, please!” when the woman is clearly just trying to get a paycheck out of the job. It’s like trying to cornjob a mannequin. And I’m referring to the original short: yes, the riffs are all great.

The riffs in the experiment are fantastic, imaginative, and all on target. But, yes, we get it, Jerry Garcia was a crappy guitar player who was in some group that played a bunch of crap everyone’s heard a million times.

/* ETA maybe that was a bit too much, but I cannot stand the Grateful Dead. Yes, I know. I been there, got the T-shirt and whatever, but I hate their music. Every aspect of it, including their attempts to revive certain bits of folk music. I wish they were dead. It is nails on a chalkboard to me. And, yes, I’ve “been there” and even played that kind of sh** onstage…I hate it. I also want to kill that little Mandalorian freak or whatever keeps popping up on every search I see. Hate: dogs, dog people, loud people, Germans, baby Yoda, Jerry Garcia. Likes: none of your damned business.

But, good fortune for you people, because while Advent season is coming up, some cornjobs are going to be playing non-stop the music I hate the most, viz., xmas music. No.

And that coincides with the worst season for “seasonal” baloney sausage MST3K/RT bits: the “holiday” ones.

I would have no problem kneeing some Santa Claus in the balls and striking him or her about the face and neck, and leaving him or her to perish.

Burl Ives can eat me, that ***&^^&.


It’s kind of an “honorable mention” for my funniest ep list, simply for that intro where Leon shows us around his basemen- I mean laboratory.

“It’s hard for him to make friends, I think…”