The Movie

Was wondering if there was any news on This Island Earth joining us at the Gizmoplex. This episode in particular is the one that got me hooked on MST3K.


I think Universal owns the film itself, so it would require some separate licensing. That may be doable, though, since Shout was able to license the film for a blu ray release.


It is (or was) available streaming on Amazon Prime for a reasonable price. I know that isn’t the same as having it in the Gizmoplex. It’s like Disney+ not having the Spider-Man movies, or I’m sure like the past couple seasons for folks without NetFlix.

I do feel your pain… one of my absolute favorite episodes is Godzilla vs. Megalon, which is almost impossible to find. Every so often Rex Dart sneaks it back up on the tubes.


Love that one! I used to spend every day one summer watching the VHS copy of the movie.

Also, welcome to the forums!


I also hope it shows up in The Gizmoplex someday. It’s a great presentation and, to me, one of the best options when it comes to new recruits!


Not an answer- but I assumed that it would be one of (at least a few) rights issues episodes that may never see the ‘Plex, so I bought the dvd/blu ray combo.

It was also on Hulu for a time. So who knows?!? Maybe the future is brighter than we know for Uncle Scrotor to get his hugs in the Gizmoplex.

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I was lucky to get Godzilla vs. Megalon when you could still see it on TV, and I think I have a “bootleg” copy somewhere.