The Movies Of Christopher R. Mihm.

Is anyone else here familiar with the films of Christopher R. Mihm?

Mihm’s makes retro B-Movies, intentionally cheesy but not intentionally bad. What’s truly impressive is he was doing the shared universe thing before Marvel, so a lot of the same scientists show up in different movies and the hero of one movie will make reference to their brother, who was the hero of a different movie.

Most of them are available on Amazon Prime.


My personal favorite is Weresquito: Nazi Hunter - Mihm’s tribute to Lon Cheney.

Another good one to start with is his William Castle tribute House of Ghosts.

Probably his best film, however, is The Giant Spider.

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I heard about the Mihm-iverse on the Monster Kid Radio podcast. And yeah, “Weresquito: Nazi Hunter” is an all-time great movie title!

So his films have been on my watchlist for a while, but I need to carve out some time to check them out.


Some of his early movies have got some pacing issues, but Weresquito and The Giant Spider are true gems – a perfect blend of meat and cheese.

I’ll have to put House of Ghosts on my list…


I can vouch that in the case of “It Came From Another World!” that was intentional. Mihm admits he did go overboard, but was trying to mimic the padding of a Lippert film with all the scenes of characters wandering the woods to Rock Climbing! proportions.

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I not only know the films, I own ALL of them. :slight_smile:

(I even wrote a book based on the drive-in marquee in THE GIANT SPIDER.)

I think they’re really good and entertaining low-budget films.

And I know Mr. Mihm would be proud to have one or more of them riffed!

THE PHANTOM LAKE KIDS IN THE BEAST WALKS AMONG US just came out. Grab a copy, if you haven’t!



Yeah, Mihm was figuring out a lot of things – pacing included – on those early films. For me, they take a big step forward with MOON ZOMBIES, reached a peak with THE GIANT SPIDER, and have been really good ever since.

The new one, The Beast Walks Among Us, is a real treat for longtime fans.


He asked me to riff The Giant Spider at a local con, having been told I was pretty good at it before I hosted a riffing panel. Unfortunately, I admitted it was too good for me to mock in earnestness.

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I just got my copy of The Phantom Lake Kids in
The Beast Walks Among Us
in the mail a few days ago… and realized I hadn’t had time to watch The Phantom Lake Kids in
The Unseen Invasion

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The Giant Spider is one of my favorites. Much thanks to Prime for bringing the Mihm-verse to my recs.


It’s a great one.

Killing me I’m missing a chance to meet him and Michael Kaiser this weekend at Texas Frightmare Weekend, but I’m still not feeling safe about the local con scene and I do have my students to think of.

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Well, that IS a problem with a lot of Mihm’s films. They’re just too good and sincerely made to mock easily. Though MST3K has riffed good films. This Island Earth sprints to mind.

But some of the earlier Mihm films – stuff before Moon Zombies, say – might be easier to riff.

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Now you can watch them in production order, rather than release order!

I like them both, but particularly Beast. Watch for the “twins” at the picnic!

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