The MSD3K Cycle Bar

Well, hello! Welcome to the thread for bicycle talk!

Now, I’m a cycling nut (as anyone who has read the “What are you watching right now?” thread knows), and while cycling sports talk is welcome, this is also a place to talk about all things bicycle-related.

I, for one, am considering purchasing my first bike in 20 years. I grew up in a place that was flat as a pancake, and I rode my bike everywhere. Then I moved somewhere that was very NOT flat and not bike friendly in the slightest.

But now I am 1) obsessed with cycling and 2) wanting to escort my best friend on their marathon training runs this summer. I’ve visited a couple local bike shops and I really like the Trek FX2 hybrid. Feels good.

It’s going to be a substantial financial investment, however, having to get all the accessories as well, not to mention the hassle of storage and occasional transport with racks and such. I really, really want to do this, but I need to make sure that I’m not just getting caught up in a moment.

Any opinions appreciated!

(And I’m watching the Giro d’Italia’s final time trial, and holy crap, what a crazy climb!!)


…miss Starblade, I regret to inform you that you’ve spelled it with a D in the thread title. We are not here for Mystery Science Dormitory 3000. That would be a very different show indeed. And with probably even worse budgetary values.

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pssst … up there :point_up:t3:



Get a lock and cable. Bikes never align well with bike racks.

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That’s the one thing I still have from my riding days; my cable lock. Everything else is gone, LOL.


A good lock is a must.

I have no valuable opinion on the type of bike to buy, however, any reputable shop will let you try them out and have advice on dealing with any chronic injuries (I have a bad shoulder, so I need a bike that sits more upright as opposed to hunched over, for example. )

Know your terrain. Riding on streets or paved trails. you need different tires than a bike built for dirt trails or off-roading.

You want pedals that let you “lock in”. If you don’t want the added expanse of buying clip-in shoes right away, get pedals that at least have straps.

Once you have your bike, pay the shop the fee to get it properly fitted to you. Once again any reputable shop will have the set up to do this.

Get a backpack camelback. That dinky bottle that fits to the frame, is not going to be enough water. You may also want a small pouch that fits under the seat to carry things like a puncture kit and CO2 cartridges to refill the tire (you can go the handpump route, but a CO2 system is not expensive and sooooooooo much easier for when (not if) you have a tire problem.)


I went in knowing I wanted a hybrid; I’ll be on bike paths and occasional roads, but hybrids can handle a little off-roading when necessary. I spent almost two hours at one of our local stores, riding 7 different models, and I found I really liked the Trek FX2. The gentleman helping me fit the bike then and there, taking into account that I don’t like low handlebars and high seats because it makes me feel like I’m pitching forward too much.

I’ve already got a short list of accessories I’d need right off the bat: helmet, puncture kit, cartridge, pump, lights, and bottle cage. We have a bunch of hydration packs kicking around here; I’ll rig one of those up. :grin:

The one thing I will not do is clip in pedals. I understand their advantages, and I use them on my Peloton, but I refuse to put them on a road bike, at least for now. I don’t trust my ability to get out of them fast enough to catch myself. Yeeeeep!


Oh, and @klcorridon, go watch Stage 20 and come talk to me. :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I feel you on this. I had the exact same concern. You actually can get out of them pretty quick.

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I likely won’t finish it until tomorrow. Twitter is chock full of spoilers today, I see.


It always is. I have to force myself to stay off social media until I see the stage, which is super hard with 6+ hr stages. If I’m lucky, I’m only a couple hours behind the action and I can still participate in the conversation. Otherwise, it’s miss everything or get spoiled.

Yet another point in favor of moving to Europe! :joy:


I haven’t really ridden my bike in nearly a decade. Every spring I think “this is the year I get back on the bike” then all of a sudden it is October and I haven’t ridden.

The person who sits right behind me at the office is an avid bicyclist - both her kids are on the high school mountain biking team so she rides with them a lot - and has promised she’ll nag me this year about whether I’ve ridden recently or not.


My bike! I just need to get off my lazy butt and go ride.


I’m still riding my '96 Kona Lava Dome mtb. It has a 1 1/8 in. threaded headset, so it’s difficult to find a fork to fit it. It’s currently got a cheap and too-heavy Suntour fork on it because that’s all I could find.

I love that old bike, caliper brakes and all.


I backed the kickstarter for this thing, and I love the heck out of it.


A former coworker is a “coach” or whatever for a school team. I never knew that such things existed.

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The old Kona what hauls my butt around town. Yup, toe clips, because I’m not changing shoes. And yup, grip shifts, because they’re still working.


Welp, looks like it’s happening! Tomorrow afternoon I head over to pick up my new bike (I want to hop on it one more time to make absolutely sure) and bring it home. I’ve already got space cleared in my closet to park 'im and my list of first-day accessories, since except for a bike lock, I am starting from scratch.

  • helmet
  • saddlebag
  • front and rear lights
  • bike stand (I refuse to put a kickstand on this lovely thing)
  • bottle cage
  • puncture kit w/charger

I’m also going in on the shop’s twice-yearly inspection and clean-up plan; I’m not planning on riding in inclement weather or on dodgy roads, but it can’t hurt to have professionals look it over every 6 months. Reasonable price too.

Anything else I’m gonna need right off the bat?

I’m kinda super excited. I really did used to ride all the time and I hope I love it as much now as I did then!


Looks good. Planet Bike is a good company for lights and other accessories.


It’s New Bike Day!

I talked to my guy who’s been helping me out, told him I’d slept on the idea all weekend and I am good to go. I gave him the list of accessories I’ll need from the jump and he jotted it all down to have some options for me when I get there this afternoon. I apologized that I wasn’t going to be getting down there until the end of his shift (I wanted him to get the sale, so I didn’t want anyone else) and he kept saying “Oh no, no problem, I’ll stay as late as you need!”

He sounded so darn excited; I get the feeling they don’t get to kit out a semi-serious cyclist down to the ground very often. It’s gotta be fun (and good for sales, natch!). He called it his scavenger hunt for the day. :laughing:

Brace yourselves, of course, for there will be MANY pictures later.