The MSD3K Cycle Bar

:rotating_light:**HE’S HERE!!**:rotating_light:

Trek FX2 Disc hybrid, large frame, Satin Viper Red finish, outfitted with headlight, tail light, bottle cage, and saddlebag. I also have a shiny new helmet and a bike stand that I had to watch a video on YouTube to unfold. :woman_facepalming:

As it’s a Trek bike, probably going to name him after one of the Trek-Segafredo pro riders. Probably their sprinter Mads Pedersen, but we’ll see what fits.

Am doing a Happy Snoopy Dance right now!



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Here’s my road hog, Ol’ 317. A Trek 4300 Alpha 4, purchased February, 2008. The photo was taken in 2020, I’ve got new baskets and ditched the phone mount since then, but I don’t have any good recent pix. At least 4,000 miles ridden.


Loving seeing everyone’s bikes! I’m heading out on Saturday morning for my first ride. Should be fun!

Fun side note; since my bike’s a step-through, I can’t use most bike racks and I hate bike racks anyway, so I’m becoming an expert at front wheel removal. I’m equipped with a quick release front wheel, so I’m already down to about 30 sec to remove and replace. Just have to make double sure the dang clamp’s down or a ride can get hairy REAL quick! :laughing:

This! Also please protect your noggin, even if you’re just going around the corner.

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Oh yes, I got a stylish new brain bucket (Bontrager Solstice helmet) as well.

Was kind of sad I couldn’t get one of the special “brain injury awareness” helmets the UCI team of Jumbo Visma wore a few races ago. That would have been making a statement!

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Holy ballast! I’d hate to get in your way with that thing fully loaded. I think you need a big cartoony honk honk horn.

Yeah, “On your left” doesn’t always get people’s earbuds.

You want ballast? With a load on, this thing will push you down the hills.

Choo Choo Reaction GIF by IFC

I think you’ll enjoy your FX2. I’ve been riding an FX3 for 4+ years now and have put about 6000 miles on it. Take it into the shop annually for a tune-up and it will last for years.

If you do any road riding, I recommend a mirror. Trek has one that mounts at the end of the hand grip. You can see it in the picture. Photo taken on the Virginia Creeper Trail.


…I can’t tell if that’s a unicyle or a bike with a weird camera angle.

Happy World Bicycle Day, everyone!

I had NO idea that was today, but it’s kind of perfect that today was my first ride in 14 years. Up and out at 6am to beat the heat, riding with my marathon training friend in a university parking lot, since I didn’t know how well I’d be able to ride.

Turns out I remember just fine.

Rolling hills and I didn’t have to put my foot down once. (Did have to zigzag a bit on some inclines, though.)

5.25mi (8.45km), 35:12.


Got out today again before the heat; paced my friend on a 5mi run, then went for a half-mile sprint to shake out the legs. Legs and butt feel fine…it’s the arms and shoulders that feel it the most!

Anyhoo, 5.62mi (9.05km), 46:06.

Now I’m off to watch as much of the Criterium du Dauphine that NBC will let me watch (they hold the broadcast rights in the US for this one, meh). Pretty much a dress rehearsal and/or final audition for Le Tour.

Let’s goooooo!

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Finally warm enough to ditch the helmet cover and go with the fingerless gloves.


It’s been that hot here for weeks already…I did have to drop back into the shop and get some fingerless gloves. My poor hands were slipping and sliding all over my grips on my first ride!

I do want to get a team’s gloves at some point; I think I’ll wait to see what Lidl-Trek’s new design is. I would be all in on some diamond-patterned red-yellow-blue gloves!

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Gloves are an essential part of the kit, especially for longer rides. My hands get numb far too quickly otherwise.


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