The MSD3K Cycle Bar

A Triple Crown— Truly amazing.

Sainted GF complained that her bike sucked, and by golly she was right, so I found this cool little Raleigh mtb with no pedal clips and not-so-knobbies for TEN BUCKS. Tuned and lubed it (Finish Line HVXC forever), Scotch-Brited the chrome and it works flawlessly, just needs a wash. Ten dolla banana cruiser!


And it’s crap. Really. The HUGE problem with it is that the B/R add on is for live events only. As of right now, there are no replays and no viewing on demand available. Given my time zone, my work schedule, and my training schedule, it’s so hard for me to watch overseas cycling live. I have to turn my life inside out just to watch the Tour live for a month!

They’re running a promo right now that B/R is free for a year with a subscription, and I raised holy hell until they gave me the B/R deal on my current Max sub. But I suspect it’s going to wind up being worth every bit I paid for it. :expressionless:

Thankfully I have several European friends who have Eurosport and have given me their sign-ins, so now I have a VPN and can access that archive.

I currently have 5 different platforms I use to access cycling. It shouldn’t be this hard, y’know?

That’s why I have to raise the flag.


Ooh! Four days until Paris—Nice!

Even better…


Tadej Pogacar’s season debut!!

runs around in circles screaming

(Though I am very eager to see Roglic debut with Bora and clash with Remco Evenepoel. Their antics in last year’s Cataluyna were so much fun!)

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skinny tire weirdies

I like watching the guys and gals riding the skinny tires professionally, but I ride something much more substantial and this metaphor is getting further and further away from me, never mind. :laughing:

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Just in case other road/pavement users don’t hear you coming. or if you just really like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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I’m watching Pogacar running away with the Strade Bianche right now. 51km to go.

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Wasn’t that so glorious to watch?

He TOLD everyone what he was going to do, he did it, and they had no answer.

I love Pogi so much and we might never see his like again, I swear.

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Watching Paris–Nice Stage 4. Some of those time trial helmets were interesting, to say the least. The UCI’s reaction is… interesting as well.

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Oh No!

Man you never want to see that. I hope they are all okay.

As do I, but it sounds bad for some riders.

You have no idea how horrible an uproar all of this has been causing. I’m hip deep in cycling fandom, and it’s been like a crisis center all day. I saw it live as it happened and I still feel a little sick.

All riders are stable and fixable, at the very least, and several have been walking out of hospital, but it has been a nightmare day, the kind you never want to see as a fan of any sport. :pensive:

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I was finally able to watch the Basque Country this week. Yikes.

I’ll be starting on the Giro di Feminina tonight, and that means OMG IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR THE GIRO!!!

I am so stoked about the Giro…Pogi’s on the go!!

Obviously the favorite, but given the YIKES spring for bad luck, I’ll just be pleased if everyone comes out happy and healthy!

But let’s Goooooooo Pogi!!

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Looks like Poggy may have run away with this one. What a beast!