The MST3K 3D Design thread

Going through the book again, and I thought it might be fun to try and re create some of the models in 3D, starting with something a bit easy, the BackJack.

I also just got a Peopolly Phenom L Printer, so I can print anything I make ‘full scale’ in minuture size. So, that will be fun. Maybe I’ll even give a few away if anyone wants oen.

So, first up, the Back Jack.


Does your software unfold the shapes so you can print them out with tabs to make cardboard models?

anything I make has to be custom built from the ground up. sadly this doesn’t add anything itself. but the doors could be created so they could be installed separate, or joined together as one object.

Oooooh! Some papercraft. That’d be fun.

trying to get the basic shape right

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Sir. I salute this thread. I frigging love 3d print models!