The Muppets Mayhem On Disney+

Anyone watch this yet? I just watched the first episode, and it was like pure joy being injected directly into my eyeballs.


Oh yes. I’m up to episode three. Trying to stretch things out a bit and savor the fact there is a new Muppet show.

This and the Haunted Mansion special they did a couple of years ago have been such fun. I’m kind of glad they aren’t using Kermit and Piggy as much. Jim Henson was Kermit. Steve Whitmire was Jim’s protege and had that essence of what was Kermit. Matt Danner, just doesn’t.

So seeing other characters works for me. While Jim and/or Steve voiced these characters in the past they aren’t as marquee as Kermit. I can accept the voice changes more easily.

As For Muppet Mayhem. I am loving it. I really want to know what they said to the original artists of these songs to get the rights.

Producer: So, yeah, we want to use your music for a new show. You should know the music will be sung by a cover band.

Musician: Oh? House band?

Producer: Sure. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Musician: ???

Producer: Okay the band is Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

Musician: Really? Cool! Sure use the music, but you gotta introduce me to the band. :laughing:

Okay, maybe not.


clears throat
Move outta the way, The Muppets 2015; THIS is my new favorite Muppet TV show now!!!

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I’m loving it. It has the “heart” of the classic Muppet show and movies. I think that comes through when a cast and crew genuinely like each other and have fun together, and have freedom to create what they want. (Know any other puppet shows like that? :wink:)


Can’t wait. We’re gonna start this weekend!

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Binged the first 8 episodes yesterday and I love it. Fun to see the Mayhem get their own focus and hard to believe no one thought of this til now.


Saw the first episode today. I didn’t love it, but there were definitely some funny parts. I’m so glad they toned down the uvula in the Janice puppet, because that was a bit much.

Also, them playing Jungle Boogie harkened back to this hilarious Muppet YouTube video:

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Such a great series. We finished the whole thing in 2 sittings.

Just watched Track 7. Might be the best of the series so far.

And if you’ve watched Get Back, it’s even better!

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Just watched Episode 2. Not quite as strong as the first episode, but still some great gags.

I like how the human characters are actually interesting and not dragging things down. The big problem with the 2011 Muppets movie (well, one of them anyway) is that there was way to much focus on people I did not care about. “I don’t care if Jason Segel mans up and does right by Amy Adams, get back to Rizzo!”

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Wrapped up Muppets Mayhem. Fun series. Really enjoyed that.
And for those curious, yes, there really is an album!

Finished it. Fun! Marshmallows!

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