The Mystery Science Discourse 3000 Gallery of Regrettable Foods

I’d eat the Toast Hawaii. I’d prefer the toast a bit darker, though.

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I wonder if this recipe works for plantains?

If I didn’t hate bananas, it doesn’t seem that bad. It’s just a spiced sweet-sour candying syrup.

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As a fellow banana-hater, I have no idea how you can tell.

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I would once again request that we not have intentionally bad food in the thread.

Yeah, it’s funny for the first couple of years, and after that I just morph into Great-Aunt Miriam yelling, “SOMEONE HAD TO WORK HARD TO BUY YOU THAT FOOD AND LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE?!?!”


I agree. I don’t think food should be wasted for the sake of humor. We waste enough food in the U.S. as it is.


I’d handle it better if I had to watch the clout-chasers actually eat it and keep it down. But I am skeptical that they do.

At least raise pigs or goats to justify the expense involved. :wink:


Ya’know… I’d eat those pickle marshmallow thingys :yum:

It’s okay. We know that you’ve been under a lot of stress lately.


Baked hearts with pineapple anyone?

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I thought ‘hearts’ was metaphoric maybe.


Calf’s heart is actually delicious.


I’ve had beef heart before. It was a little spongey in texture, but tasted like any other cooked cow muscle. Usually, the hearts are ground up to make pet food or Slim Jims.

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For a while we had a Valentine’s tradition of having heart for dinner. We haven’t in a few years because we haven’t had them in the freezer.


Something really regrettable…William Post, the co-inventor of Pop Tarts, has died at 96.

Co-inventor of Pop-Tarts, William Post, passes away at 96 (

That is sad. I’m sure many of us here have had Pop Tarts for breakfast…or other times of the day.


Well I just learned this is a thing

It’s in Sweden, so I probably won’t be popping over there any time soon


Way ahead of you.

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ha, should have tried a CTRL-F :wink:

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