The Mystery Science Discourse 3000 Gallery of Regrettable Foods

uh, I hope they’re not using “Disco Stick” to mean what Lady Gaga means when she says “Disco Stick”…


Most of the ones at the Indiana State Fair sound ok, but a few are pretty frightening. Firstly, three different pickle entries. I don’t know why, but they all sound horrific.

Dill Pickle Dr Pepper
R & W Concessions

Everyone’s favorite Dr Pepper with dill pickles spears followed by a splash of juice.

Dill Pickle Lemon Shake-Up
R & W Concessions

If you want a real shake-up, let us make you a Dill Pickle Lemon Shake-up with all fresh ingredients and a splash of pickle juice and pickle spear

Spicy Pickle Pizza
Swains Concessions

We start off with our homemade pizza dough with a jalapeño ranch sauce. We top it with mozzarella and pickle chips then we sprinkle a Cajun dust over top and bake. When it comes out we butter the crust and add more Cajun dust and drizzle spicy ranch on top.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Chicken Wings
Urick Concessions

Crispy chicken wings tossed in a creamy peanut butter sauce and topped with a sweet jelly drizzle. Perfect for adventurous eaters and wing enthusiasts alike, our PB&J Chicken Wings are a must-try treat!

Oh wait, you thought I was done with the pickles? Nope.

Tang-A-Rang Smoked Chicken Wings served with Kool-Aid Infused Pickles
Red Frazier Food Truck

Tang-A-Rang Smoked Chicken Wings marinated with Tang and our signature Tang BBQ rub. Smoked and then brushed with Tang infused BBQ sauce. Served with various Kool Aid infused pickle flavors.

Also, this sounds like an atrocity to me, but I bet some of you sickos would love it:

Hot Honey Pepperoni Pull Grilled Cheese
American Dairy Association

The perfect mix of mozzarella cheese, sandwich style pepperoni and hot honey between two slices of sweet Hawaiian bread, topped with a sprinkling of Italian seasoning. Served with marinara sauce upon request.


Recaps about 80% of this very thread.

I am filled with shame.

I’d try the last one at least once.


At state fairs, I stick to more traditional fair like corndogs, popcorn, lemonade and all that.

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People need to understand that not everything served on a flat bread product is a pizza


How Do I Become a Member?

Step 1 – Come down to the Sourdough Saloon
Step 2 – Purchase a shot (most club members prefer Yukon Jack)
Step 3 – Pledge the ‘Sourtoe Oath’
Step 4 – Watch as a (genuine) dehydrated toe is dropped in your drink
Step 5 – Drink your Sourtoe Cocktail

Be sure to remember the most important rule: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have gotta touch the toe”

Mind you, there’s a CA$2,500 fine if you swallow or otherwise abscond with the toe; it’s reused for each drink. The saloon’s gone through at least ten toes since 1973.

I wonder how dehydrated toe pairs with Malört?


It gets worse.

Someone stole the toe once, but they have backup toes.

And someone swallowed the original toe in the 80s.


Yes! I heard about that and it’s true.

And from time to time, that bar would have to scour hospitals for new toes to put in that cocktail.


I’m actually surprised that’s legal in Canada. I don’t know that it would be in the U.S.


This is from a restaurant in Tompkinsville, KY called the Eatin’ Table. The dish here in the video is called “Mike’s Big Breakfast Challenge”. That’s “Mike’s Big Breakfast Challenge” from the Eatin’ Table in Tompkinsville, KY. That consists of 2 giant pancakes (each weighing over 1lb!), 3 slices of Texas toast, 5 eggs your way, 5 pieces of bacon (or sausage!), and a big pile of hash browns!

What’s regrettable is that few have actually finished all of that. I’m also not sure I could eat all that. So…we got any takers here?


Does it include coffee or juice?

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It comes with a tall glass of maple syrup.

There’s gotta be something wrong with that woman’s metabolism. 10 minutes to eat that, and a giant shake on top of it, and she looks like she weighs 100 lbs.

I’m diabetic and the carbs in that meal would flat-out kill me.

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The lady in that video is a former bodybuilder. I’m guessing she burns off most of those calories through exercise.

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I’m sorry does that say $18 breakfast?

$18 is what a normal breakfast costs here?


Amateurs! Cover that so-called challenge with a quart of sausage gravy, and maybe I’ll do it.


“Our cowboy-dog will consist of a hot dog, covered with 'Tom’s baked beans,” Smith said. “His baked beans are a blend of beans, sauces, spice, and a little bit of pulled pork.”

That said, I’d try their green chili dog.


I grew up eating what was simply referred to as “cowboy food”. It was baked beans with cut up hot dogs in it. I loved it.