The Nanites are building a cloaking device for the SoL.

My guess is Mookie and Slicer. (ok, this has relevance to my day job, and though a bit of a stretch for ‘Central’, thought it a fun way to bring up talking about the little twerps).


Can Shelli redo my coiffure in this? Then I can be stealth bald.



It looked like you wanted an invisible coffin at first.

Someone tell Tilt5.

I wonder what Ned is up to these days?

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I’d ask the fish in the Adult Swim fishtank, but they turned off the feed.

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What with Wil Wheaton being on MST3K can we blame the nanites on him?


My takeaway: a space vessel with a noted record of planetary destruction is now perfectly capable of being undetectable. Definitely nothing to worry about.

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