The oeuvre of Bruce Le

20 some years ago my dad (an unabashed lover of the kinds of movies MST loves to rotate in) picked up a couple of the many Bruce Le films on VHS. Bruce Lee knockoffs, at this point I couldn’t tell you which titles he picked up under penalty of death…

But one thing I absolutely remember (or have made myself thing I remember): THEY MADE THE SOUND EFFECTS IN REAL TIME.

When they punched, you could see their mouths making the “whp-PSH” sound effect.

If anyone can back up my long term memory on this, I’d appreciate it.


Brandon Tenold reviewed the Bruce Le movie ‘Challenge of the Tiger’.


Ah yes…the Bruceploitation films of the 1970s.

“Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave” comes to mind. Other than a Bruce Lee imitator shown at the start of the film, it has nothing to do with Bruce!