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So I’ve been thinking about this experiment for a while, but for a few reasons I held off on it, but I think now’s as good of a time as any to launch it and I sincerely hope you enjoy it, so without further ado:

Welcome to the Gizmonic Gaming Hub a place where MSTies here at Mystery Science Discorse 3000 can find a way to hang out and play some games together online right from home(isn’t the future crazy)!

This topic is for all gaming platforms from steam, to console, to mobile so go ahead and:

  • Feel free to post here with your platform(s) and/or game(s) of choice, and your screen-name/gamertag associated with the platform/game if you want others from here to add your profile

  • Share Room and Lobby codes for multiplayer games if you’re hosting a game with others from here, or would simply welcome the company from your fellow MSTies

  • Maybe even set up a game night with someone or a group for a hot new release, a classic multiplayer with a now mostly dead community you would like help beating properly, or just something fun a lot of people currently own and have downloaded or is free to play.

Just some ideas off the top of my head. I noticed there’s a decent amount of us who like to play games, and I’ve seen a few others say a game night would be great, and they would love to play with others from here so I hope this topic allows us to do that, because as that age old saying goes: a community that plays together stays together.


Which brings me to my last thought. As Of Sept 30, or the Oct 1(this Friday or Saturday) I want to start hosting a weekly game night for everyone here who want’s to partake.

So I’m torn about whether to do it on a Friday night or a Saturday night.

I was thinking Saturday evening, because I know a lot of people work Fridays and therefor might be too run down to feel like gaming with a group, but I know some people still do crazy insane things like go out on a Saturday night so maybe Friday might be better?

As you can see I can’t exactly decide, so anyone interested please take the time to put in a vote and let me know which day would be better, and which starting time in the evening would be best, and I’ll take my cue from the community on a few things quick.

As for what games will be on the agenda so far I know for sure this week it will be Rifftrax: The Game since it’s cross-platform and as long as everyone owns a copy of it on something and has a charged cell phone, laptop, tablet, or computer handy they can join in. Otherwise I’m open to any and all suggestions for cross platform games, and feel free to voice your opinion what day and time would work best.

What day would work best for you to join in the fun?
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Which time window do you feel works best? [all times are Central Daylight Time)
  • 6:00PM - 9:00PM
  • 7:00PM - 10:00PM
  • 8:00PM - 11:00PM

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Should game nights be streamed live for non-players to join? [if we start doing jackbox games I believe I may need to stream those)
  • Yes that’s fine, and hurry up on the jackbox jack
  • No, I’m more comfortable in a small group

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I love this idea! However, I work a terrible overnights schedule so I’m only awake after 10pm but I can sacrifice one day of waking up a tad earlier on a Sat night for some jackbox stuff, hehe. I’ve not heard of Rifftrax the Game but I’ll definitely look into it!
I’d love to have a few more PC friends on Steam since my current co-worker friends aren’t into any of my games and vice versa (they prefer Dota 2 and War Thunder, and I’m over here trying to play Monster Hunter World/Rise)
But I’m super casual about it - my anxiety prevents me from playing with elites and hard cores :frowning:

My Steam is Salazarus Rex, friend at your own risk :grimacing:


Thank you, and glad to hear you’d be interested in partaking! Sounds like a legit reason to vote for the later time, but even if we did start at 7:00 Central and you got it at 8:00 or 9:00 you’d still be welcome to join if there’s room!

I’ve found it’s best not to worry much about elite and hardcore players. Some are decent people and don’t sweat the small things, there’s specific game modes like Ranked in most games if you you’re going to take it that seriously, but there are some toxic people out there ready to throw a tantrum. Just got a reminder on that a few nights ago playing Evil Dead: The Game and fyi they don’t like it when you lol at their rage.

I have Monster Hunters World(none of the DLC yet though, I’ve been procrastinating), unfortunately I have it on Xbox One, and apparently the game isn’t cross platform.

3 games I know for sure are truly cross platform are:

  • Evil Dead: The Game
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Rifftrax: The Game

Rifftrax the game is only 10.00 full price for Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo, and usually you can find it on sale for anywhere between 4-6 bucks(I just got it last week for 3.99+tax).

Evil Dead is pretty cheap too at 40.00 full price, and with Halloween season in full affect I’m sure there will be more sales on it soon


Plan on doing a Rifftrax: The Game night tonight if anyone is interested ,
will probably be around 7:00 PM Central tonight!

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I go to bed by 9 (often earlier) so I would not be able to join in the fun, unfortunately. Plus, I have a mac, and I think the Jackbox and Rifftrax games are Windows only. Anyway, sounds fun. Good luck!


Looked it up and it looks like it’s available on steam and that’s available for Mac and PC.

Also just to note this thread is for gaming with each other at any time on any gaming platform for any game you feel like, but that said I would like to have ya in on my game night, you’d always be welcome for even a game or two before bed!


Actually, I know for a fact that the Jackboxes aren’t Windows only; they support Linux and various consoles.

(There’s even a weird Linux-specific bug that has bitten me once or twice.)


I have Jackbox party pack 2 on my Mac fwiw.


Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great night, as promised the some what impromptu first ever Riffrax: The Game Night is officially open. If you got the game, and a phone, laptop, tablet charged or a computer handy, please come and Riff until your hearts content.

Will be keeping this open until 10:00PM central tonight.
Will update lobby code in this post if needed.
Will only be doing write a riff tonight, so only player submitted riffs.

Room Code FKCF updated 9:19PM Central


That’s awesome, I plan on getting a couple packs the Friday after this coming Friday.

In the mean time if you felt like hosting some jackbox games sometime I’d definitely be in if I’m not working or busy in the lab. From my understanding unlike Rifftrax: The Game only one person actually needs to own the game Pack in a group is that right?

Besides playing along at home during the Kickstarter Campaign, and with some people on twitch once I’m still pretty new to Jackbox.

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Dumb question: when we do this, where’s the big screen gonna be?


I don’t really want to host, I’m kind of antisocial :slight_smile: but I can report on how it works from a Mac since I’ve been doing “game day” with my family the whole pandemic.

  • One person (the host) has a Jackbox game or pack installed.
  • Everyone who wants to play joins a Zoom/videoconference together (you don’t need your video on if you don’t want to). Most games require 3-6 players.
  • The host starts Jackbox and screenshares it*.
  • When you start a game it shows a four-letter code.
  • Everyone goes to in their browser and enters the 4 letter code. You can do this on a different device from the Zoom.
  • The game’s setups/prompts appear on the screenshared Jackbox app. Answers are entered in the browser.

People can join the “audience” from the browser but I don’t know how that works as I’ve never tried that. I believe you can also play Jackbox over… I want to say Twitch? But I don’t know how that works either.

Our favorite games are Quiplash and Fibbage. Though lately we’ve been off Jackbox and playing Codenames instead. That’s entirely on the web so you don’t need anything installed.

* I don’t know how widespread this bug is but if I screenshare Jackbox first, the other players can’t hear the audio. I have to do this to make it work:

  1. Screenshare some other window, make sure to check the “share audio” checkbox
  2. Start up Jackbox
  3. Go back to screensharing and pick New screenshare and share the Jackbox window

This is all such a great idea! I haven’t done any online gaming stuff, but I’m happy to figure it out to join the group. I’ll join the second such game night (depending on the game) after the first one gets the bugs worked-out; it’s not that I don’t want to try it and be plagued with problems, it’s that I’m pretty sure I’d be the one with all the tech problems, and it might make the first night a little unattractive. :stuck_out_tongue: But after one plays through smoothly, I’ll be happy to join!
I also want to point out WHAT A FUN TIME the game played during the post-Secret Agent Super Dragon streaming event was! If our beloved MST3K cast can play role play games in front of us, there’s no reason why MSTies can’t do it, too.
Looking forward to seeing more of you all!


I think the Rifftrax game, like Jackbox, only requires the host to own the game. Everyone else can play on a web client.

I think. I’m prepared to be wrong.


I believe that’s correct as I have played Jackbox that way. Also, hello mod!

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Hello, uh, person? :sweat_smile:


Excuse me. “backer”. It says so right there! :rofl:


Oh poopie, @LadyShelley is correct.

Hello, backer. Hello, @glmdgrielson. I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly.


No, no, you spell the letters at the front. G-L-M-D-grielson. (Fun fact: I keep a text file of all of the misinterpretations automatic transcribers have made of my username. It’s at 104 different ways at this point.)

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