The Omnibus WTH did that riff come from?

Yeah, true to form, there are some riffs one whose provenance one just doesn’t know.

I’ll start.

“Carrie, you’re so very!” (I think it’s from the Jack Elam, Big Stupid classic, and I do know the actress’s name, who was in at least one other movie aside from Girl in Lovers’ Lane). But I’m curious about this one, since I abuse this poor woman at work almost daily with this.

I suspect it’s an “I thought you were Dale” case of confabulation on the part of one or more of the writers, but I’d like to know the origin of this.

And, while I’m at it: “A secretary is not a toy…” (WTH did that little riff come from? No, I don’t remember the experiment’s name, but I’m sure you remember this: like, season three or thereabouts). It could have been a reference to something, or it could have been pure TV’s Frank’s imagination. Not sure.


“I Though You Were Dale” made its debut during the Crawling Hand - Hands, because the Best Brainers got the line mixed up with an advert for Ivory dishwashing liquid, which touted that using it gave older women, young looking hands.

The original commercial was for Grape Nuts, I grew up with this, so I remember it well.

For further details… I thought you were Dale | MST3K | Fandom


Carrie is so very, comes from another commercial, from the 80s, for Keri (BTW, much of this stuff can be found at the Annotated MST3K or pages. So if your curious about a riff, they’re a good resource.)


And lastly, From the musical, “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying” (boy, another thing from my youth)

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (film) - Wikipedia


No doubt. I do wish to acknowledge the fairly complete records at the wikia.

However, I think this thread should serve a purpose, even if it is reduplication.

Yeah, which twin has the tony. Is it both of them? Neither of them? What if Tony’s a guy? See, it’s very complicated. You have to know. Pace The Color of Money. (The Color of Money(1986) - "Just common sense"(sub spanish) - YouTube)

But I do remember the Keri/very/Carrie origin now that you mention it.

“The girl in lovers’ lane, just like Jack Lalanne, something something blah blah Edith Strange.”

Ah. Perfect. I thought it was some fantasy from TV’s Frank’s mind all these years. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen the original, not even on TV.


The problem with the “Carrie, you’re so very” riff is that Carrie and very don’t rhyme, so for me it’s a bit of a reach. It hurts my ears a little when I hear that riff.
That’s still one of my favorite episodes, though.

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wonders now if @FastidiousRobot pronounces “very” with a double-d, like “veddy”


No, with an “r”. It’s the first vowel sound that’s different. Carrie has an “aaa” sound and very has an “eh” sound. You pronounce them the same?

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Yeah, usually. And I don’t think I’m alone. For example, if we examine this classic trailer for the 1976 Brian De Palma film Carrie:

We can hear that it’s mostly pronounced as “care” + “ee”. Now, about the fifth time it’s said, the announcer does seem to put just the slightest “ah” in it, like a light hint of “cahr” + ee. But almost every pronunciation would work as a rhyme for “very”.


I’ve always heard Carrie pronounced “Care-ee.” Only time I’ve heard “car-ee” was with the actress Kari Wuhrer.

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I don’t mean that the first syllable in Carrie sounds like the word “car” like an automobile, it’s an “a” sound like in “at”. In the end, though, this may be impossible to resolve in writing, and I think we’re dealing with regional pronunciations.


But the riff isn’t about the rhyme, it’s about the reference.

Aside from that, I’m going by my old rhyming dictionary (you had to have one when you lived in Nashville, lol), and “very” is included as a word that rhymes with Carrie. The pointed EE sound at the end, CarEE with VarEE, cements it.

Yeah, I go along with that: it’s not perfect assonance or consance. Really the ending. “Carrie” is pretty similar to “very.”

No, it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough.

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Yup, it’s a regional thing. Cah-ree vs Care-ee vs Carry. There are also places where a sentence like Carry Carrie’s curry" would be Curry Curry’s Curry


My new chain restaurant concept! You want coriander with that?


Yes, sorry, that was sloppy of me. I’m probably channeling my inner Henry Higgins too much, but I swear you get more of the “at” sound at a couple of points in that trailer.

Anyway, not the loosest rhyme I’ve ever heard…

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Let me just remind you people.


Learn you all to be going on a tangent, what said.

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I feel that way every time I hear “Here I am/Rock you like a hurricane” :grin:


I hope we always have YouTube or something like it to preserve the sanctity of the Easy Spirit shoes and Carvel ice cream cakes, et al.


Pretty darn good.

You know, I always thought the Joel, “Of course, we all do!” was just pure homespun folksy wisdom.

But now I know Joel is not a tinker toy!

And the wives are none the wiser.

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