The Pet Toy Thread - Why should humans have all the fun?

Yes! It’s a thread to show off your pets’ favorite toys!

I have two dogs - Ghost (60 lbs) and Charlie (14 lbs). Ghost’s current favorite toy that she hasn’t destroyed yet is Hedgehog. Charlie has loved Lion since we got him a year ago. He mostly just picks it up and runs around with it.


I keep buying Susie toys trying to get her to play/exercise - nope.

She might play with something for a couple of minutes, then it’s all ‘why bother?’

She will very occasionally chase the laser pointer, but not very often.


Ghost loves the laser pointer. She could play with it for hours. Charlie couldn’t care less.

In Memoriam: My dog’s toys. I’m not sure what the brown thing lower left used to be. RIP.


We have many former toys that Ghost still plays with. We basically keep them until they’re rags.

Both cats chase the laser pointer, but only one plays with toys. Here are a few of his babies (the balls) and the foam padding for my daughter’s old facemask that he, for some reason, feels the need to destroy.


The only toys Frijole cares about are those same little fuzzy balls—but I have to pull out all of the iridescent threads first. She loves to fetch and used to play with them until they fell apart. Then she realized she could pull them apart on purpose. If one lasts for a day it’s on borrowed time, so I buy them in bulk.


Why? Why even have those threads, They seem like a prime choking or intestinal problem waiting to happen.


Their only purpose, as far as I can tell, is to make cleaning the litterbox more festive.


Our first dog, Judge, weighed 140 lb. Once I decided to get him a toy appropriate to his size

And on the other end of the spectrum, here he is with what I think was a tiny gingerbread man wearing a santa hat


Looks like Judge is puffin’ on a blunt!


He was pretty mellow…


We have a dog that loves to destroy toys (and even worse: eat the fragments). But then we found:

“Towering Timmy” (about 6 inches (15 cm) tall), made with … Kevlar!

Its little feet, wings and ears didn’t last long, so we were dreading the quick demise of yet another “tough” toy. But then … no ripping into the body, no pulling stuffing out, no chewing off facial features. It’s been over a month and Timmy here is treated as a favorite tug, squeak, and fetch toy. Success!!


For tough chewers I highly recommend the West Paw Qwizl toy:

What you do is you get the Large size and then you buy the TINY size Busy

And the busy bone is just the right side to fit inside the Qwizl (if you’re feeling generous you can fit one in each end)

My Corso can get the treat out in > 5 minutes much of the time, but that’s 4.9 minutes longer than it would last otherwise. When we first started he’d take 10-20 minutes, I’d swear they’re making the busy bones a millimeter skinner now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but at any rate it provides a nice chew and we only have to replace the Qwizl every few months.


So, my not-at-all-playful cat was patting my nose, pouncing on my fingers and meowing in my ear this morning. Normally she just chills until I wake up on my own.

The difference? I sprayed one of her toys with catnip spray and left it out overnight. I can only surmise that she was high as a kite.

Even though I regularly give her catnip and it doesn’t affect her. That’s some spray!


Your cat at 3 in the morning:

Toking Mash Up GIF


Dash loves his kitteh. He carries it around and tries to give it to the cats. He likes cats and thinks their ears are delicious. He does not get sliced up, so I guess they don’t object.

There is also a duck that makes a sad duckfart noise. Dash loves the duck too. He is not a specist.

This box is mostly the mostly ignored result of a BarkBox subscription that was not my doing. There’s some weird shiz in there.