The Price of Rice in China

Currently, the last statistical data shows that it’s going for a rate of $1.243 for 1kg of rice:

I think that with proper irrigation of the Mongolian desert areas, and my project of cloning Norman Borlaug (reference P&T - Why is Norman Borlaug so great? - YouTube), we can get that sucker down to 1.136!

What say you?

Also… this thread is actually a “random” thread. Every good forum I’ve ever been on has had at least one “random” thread where people can just post the random thoughts that come into their head and just have FUN! So, post whatever you want here.

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I just had a sad, and morbidly funny realization today…

…he is now, TRULY, “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”



When you’re playing a video game, and are suddenly triggered by a reminder of a movie moment that traumatized you as a kid…

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I came here looking for the price of rice in China, Maine. This does me no good.


I tried cooking rice on my good china in the microwave but it sparked alot. maybe i should use styrofoam.

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I love this summary of the Greek tragedy Medea from the 1960’s move “Never On Sunday”

Homer: Medea herself, does she not say “I Killed my children”?
Illia: And you believe her? You don’t understand the women. Medea, loves her husband, yes?
H: Yes
I: Her husband, he enjoys another woman?
H: Yes
I: So she said to her husband, that she has killed the children to frighten him. To get him back!
H: No!! It’s…
I: So she gets him back and everybody go away and everbody’s happy and they go to the seashore and that’s all.

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I believe that I just “owned” (as the kids call it), my sister. I want to store this somewhere for posterity in case she gets embarrassed and tries to delete her comment and my response:



Yeah, I got all of them too, even the ones from shows I didn’t watch.

No wonder I can’t remember my own phone number, my brain is clogged up with important information like this. XD

…also, I kinda want to know what your sister thought #29 was if not Casper.

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Turns out she was just not aware that Casper has been drawn both with AND without feet, and thus assumed I was wrong.

But, like our mother, she has an inability to actually state out loud when she is wrong.

Que Sera, Sera.

If we keep the price of rice from China low like we have any control over that, China wants to make money elsewhere looking to our R&D secrets and also, what about rice in Arkansas, California, and Louisiana where I think we actually get most of it? The Leading Rice Growing States In The United States - WorldAtlas

Don’t think me a nationalist though. I’m a huge fan of China’s space program and am not afraid of them seeing the big board. I believe they retrieved their space junk from the desert just fine. I know they are still on the UN committee for Peaceful Use of Space and I wish we would use space as diplomacy and collaborate in scientific research with them again on some projects.

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Fully with you there. The creation of a military “Space Force” is one of the biggest mistakes we ever made, and will have many bad future consequences I see coming.

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