'The Return": A Season of Pairs.

I just finished rewatching a few episodes of ‘The Return’, and as I marveled at Peter Cushing’s Hawkeye-like bowmanship, I stumbled onto something. They did a lot of movies that season which had details that were suspiciously similar or identical to each other in some manner. For instance.

Two movies based on Edger Rice Burroughs books: At the Earth’s Core and The Land That Time Forgot
Two Giant Monster Movies in Yongary and Reptilicus
Two Caroline Munro movies in Starcrash and At the Earth’s Core
Two Wizard of the Lost Kingdom movies.
Two Doug McClure movies (which were also the ERB movies).
Two dinosaur movies: Beast of Hollow Mountain and LandTTF.

So many connecting pairs in the span of 14 movies. Coincidence? I think not. I smell conspiracy, like this perceptive fellow

Using Charlie as my spirit animal, I have created my set up. Walls with paper tacked to them. Elaborate illustrations. Life size cut out of Caroline Munro. Lines connecting the various facts I’ve uncovered thus far, trying to make sense out of the seemingly senseless. Out of curiosity did anyone else notice some ‘coincidental’ pairings in the season I might have missed? I think with a few more, we might finally discover Joel’s true motives when he started this thing back in '88.


I thought that his primary true motive was not having to “be a nutty neighbor on a sitcom.” :thinking:


Almost every Mad invention exchange appeared twice as well – first as a riff, then as an invention.

  • Two Star Wars actors: Mark Hamill in the host segment for Carnival Magic and Peter Cushing in At The Earth’s Core.
  • Two Steve Franken movies: The Time Travelers and Avalanche.
  • Two child stars made good appearing in host segments: Wil Wheaton and Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Two hosts: Jonah Heston and Matt Claude Van Damme.
  • Two big hairy creatures who appear and disappear at random: Sasquatch in Cry Wilderness and Gulfax in Wizards of the Lost Kingdom.

Two movies with tigers! Cry Wilderness (huh?!?) and Carnival Magic.


Two Ib Melchior films: Reptilicus and Time Travelers