The return of Send in Your Answers?

Bit late in the season for a request like this, but maybe it’s an idea for Season 14?

I was just watching Lost Continent, and I saw the segment where they were looking out the window at a “cool thing” and asked viewers to submit their ideas of what the cool thing was. That reminded me that, once a season for the first few seasons, they had some sort of host segment where they asked the audience a question, and then down the road they read their favorite answer on the show.

I’m picturing it as something like the return of fan mail, not necessarily something that’s baked into an episode, but more like something that happens around it. Could be something to spice up a livestream, could be something to start a conversation in the forum. We’ve been asking the team our livestream questions, so what questions do you want us to answer?


I’d really like that. It sounds fun.