That was a top notch episode. Good riffing in the movie, at a little more relaxed pace. The host segments were generally funny too. I even looked forward to the commercials!

The season is off to an excellent start. A big thanks you to all the performers, writers, crew members, craftspeople, etc. involved in making this dream come true!

Raisin Snails for every one, on me!!!


So, I’m looking for anyone willing to give a plot summary. I couldn’t fork the money to get in, pledge high enough what have you.


Plot? What is this “plot” of which you speak?



[in the voice of Tom Servo reading a newspaper review]

Crow T. Robot rounds out the cast.


#mst3k #MakeMoreMST3K #SeeYouInTheGizmoplex!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 SEASON 13 IS HERE! Impressed that the MST3K team was able to work quickly and get Gizmo Dot a cameo in the 1st movie of the season! Well done!


Definitely a welcome return.

The riffing felt kind of a mix between the Netflix and classic eras, albeit more of a comradery this time around.

And the host segments weren’t bad either (we got the usual three back!)

Looking forward to rewatching the whole thing once the episode’s all ready to go.


This was practically guaranteed. The Gauntlet was a sub-experiment, it was never going to extend beyond the season it got


Here’s a plot for ya.

You like time travel? Eh? You like luchadors?

Those are nuttin!

What you like is vampires. And not just any vampire, I’m taking dracula and his troop of gurls.

Oh, but you want time travel inventing luchadors who are also scientists?

Well… make up your mind.

Ah, you want that luchadors scientist to be a bad a$$ and not give a rip about his time travel invention (and making the moolah’s off of it) but you want him to bring his girly back in time, when dracula has his troop of gurls formed.

Now we talking.

And it’s not to study vampires, oh no. It’s… It’s for treasure!


A multiclass masked wrestler/scientist casually invents a time machine that he uses to send his girlfriend back in time without her clothes to get eaten by Dracula so he and his sidekick who swallowed a whistle can beat an organized crime ring led by a supervillain wearing a black pillowcase with one eyehole in it on his head to a treasure that turns out to be a single necklace that a little girl steals from a catacomb in her sleep before the gang wake up Dracula who steals the necklace back and uses it to resurrect a harem of barely clothed lady vampires just before Santo’s wrestling coach uses dynamite to cause a sunquake that collapses the caves and kills Dracula.


Plus cognac!


I meant what happens in the episode, not the movie. What’s the setup, what’s new, what’s changed


This movie was what would happen if someone stayed up for four straight days writing an entire script without punctuation and then filmed it the same way.


I’m not bashing netflix but I’m really excited about this season in particular. For a debut episode this really felt like the MST of old on SyFy or CCentral… Love the interactivity and Live + Taped segments. Really no complaints when I honestly look back at it. Jonah and the gang made this one shine. It’s really apparent the cast and crew have more say in episode creation now that MST is it’s own entity not reliant on a “Channel” now. Other than the technical stuff which will be fixed once it debuts in May. I thought this was one of the best episodes I’ve seen from the new cast. So excited and so proud to be a Backer <3 All hail DOT


I really thought it was a super strong (almost Samson strong) season opener. I think that sense of comradery among the cast really came through and I also got more of a feel for the personalities of the bots this time than I did from the Netflix years.

Lots of good laughs. I can’t wait to see it again.

But now it’s time to put on my “sleepin’ wig” and go to bed.

  1. Tom Servo sang the new theme song
  2. Kinga and Max introduced the KingaDome/Gizmoplex
  3. The movie and stuff
  4. Pearl and Synthia introduced the ads that were bought in the Kickstarter
    4.5) Matt shows us how to make nachos
  5. more movie and stuff - the bots try to embarrass Jonah and are successful (after a rocky start)
  6. a meteor hits the Kingadome
  7. Live stuff with Joel, Matt, Lesley, Tim and Rebecca

Oh, and there was a weird soda pop invention in there someplace


Plus cognac!

After the official streaming ended, I still had the channel on my TV as I caught up reading comments around the forum here. After a while they started showing the “off air” bits that we didn’t see while we were watching the movie. In one of them, they inadvertently showed how the soda machine worked. The simplest solution is always the likeliest . . .

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Replay is up!

To praise the white dot, skip to 19:06.

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Do you remember Samson vs the Vampire Women? Season 6, episode 24. Mexican wrestler/superhero saves a woman from vampires who want to make her their queen. He wears a shiny silver mask at all times, and his only superhero ability is that he can use wrestling moves.

Well, Santo in Dracula’s Treasure is sort of a sequel to that. This time, instead of being dubbed into English as “Samson,” famed and beloved luchador El Santo is allowed to be called Santo.

This time, besides being a wrestler and a superhero, he’s apparently also a highly qualified research scientist who has invented a time machine for no particular reason. But he can’t get the project funded because the people he invited to finance further development of the project don’t believe that a masked wrestler invented a time machine just because he showed them a big comfy red chair sitting in front of a console. He needs a demonstration. Preferably a young and healthy volunteer, and for some reason a woman is four times as likely as a man to survive the trip. His girlfriend volunteers for the job, and he reluctantly agrees.

The time machine is actually more of a Quantum Leap accelerator, in that you step into the machine and it sends you back into a past life. Santo watches as his girlfriend’s past self meets Mr. Alucard, and you’ll never guess his true identity even though it’s in the title of the movie.

Santo pulls her back into the present just before she’s killed, and then there’s wrestling, and a treasure hunt, and Santo has to fight bad guys, and everyone forgets about the treasure.

There were two versions of the movie made. One was for the European market and included several shots of topless women. According to Wiki, Santo was not particularly happy about this. But further research turned up the version that was shown in North America (with the same English dubbing for the US as the European version), which does not have nudity but does feature several scenes in which the lead actress is in unnecessarily and improbably transparent clothing. (Why is she wearing a sheer nightie over a bustier in order to sleep in a double room with her adopted orphan daughter? Why, when told to get dressed and come outside, does she merely add another layer so sheer it’s still pretty much transparent? Why does the time machine sequence cut directly from her present self in a full leather catsuit to her past self falling slow-motion into bed in her underwear? The world may never know.)

Much fun was had riffing all this, and I hope you’ll be able to see it someday.


I’m guessing the machine itself was just pure water, and the glass had some food coloring in it? Jell-O, perhaps? That would be a white powder at the bottom that would be invisible to the camera, but would instantly turn the “soda” from the spout to the correct color.

Otherwise, you’d have to have a tube or something going into the back of the machine, and I didn’t see a good way to do that given that Joel picked the whole thing up and moved it around. Not to mention that it’s on raised legs, so you can’t just run the tube from under the table.


Having been a bit of a boyhood magician myself, I don’t want to give away an illusionist’s tricks, so I can neither confirm nor deny this supposition.

But I especially can’t deny it! :wink: