The Riffed: What Do They Think of MST3K?

(I failed to find an existing thread about this very obvious topic, so sorry if it’s a repeat!)

Fans know the Cattrall story, the experience of those behind Time Chasers, and the legend of Joe Don Baker. I was reading an interview with David Warner, and he briefly referenced MST while discussing Quest of the Delta Knights:

Well, that was, of course, a low-budget film which—what’s that called? Mystery Science Theater ? It ended up there. [Laughs.]

It’s not much, but I thought it was interesting that a gentleman who seems by his own standard to be out of touch with popular culture is aware of MST, and I’m relieved that he doesn’t seem sour about it because I adore David Warner.

I’ve heard that Miles O’Keefe was into being riffed, and I vaguely remember someone else having fun with it*, and this got me thinking I’d like to hear more on the subject, if anyone has any to add!

*updated because I remembered I was thinking of Rick Sloane, director of Hobgoblins


Giancola was up for it.


Yeah, that one’s a little creepy.

Of course, Manos himself (and daughter) are famous in this regard.

Corman sued or tried to, over “Wasp Woman” but that may have just been greed.

Russell Johnson seemed to enjoy it.

UPDATE: Oh, and Beverly Garland, of course! She was at ConventioCon, I think? Adam West hosted Turkey Day. There are more good sports than otherwise, I think.


i didn’t know that! what a great lady.

edit - this says she appeared on Turkey Day '94, too. must research


Peter Graves was not a fan.


I remember they tracked down Bruce J Mitchell, the guy who played Rowsdower, and did an interview with him. He seemed pretty chipper about the whole thing. (Sadly, he died a couple of years ago.)

There’s also Kim Cattral, who was in a hotel room and turned on the TV to a random channel only to be greeted by a strange gold robot singing her name over and over. She felt it was surreal, but kept watching. She ended up having her staff send flowers to Crow. (Which is almost certainly why she ended up being named as Kinga’s mother in Season 12. It works better when you remember that Crow and Dr. F were both played by Trace.)

On the other side of things, of course, there’s Joe Don Baker, who was really upset about his character being mocked in Mitchell, which is why they went after him even harder in Final Justice.


Remind me, which school did he attend?


Oh, I thought her agent showed it to her!


Oh, there’s Adam West. He seemed to be okay with it, given that he ended up hosting a Turkey Day marathon. He seemed really congenial.

And the guy who was the younger detective was in an interview was it last year or the year before with the MST people and he had fun talking about Zombie Nightmare with no qualms about what it was.

I seem to remember reading that the people who were tasked with making Future WAX into a real movie after it crashed and burned thought it would be funny if their movie ended up on MST.

And on the Satellite News page, I think there’s a mention of the “California Lady” guy not being so happy about it.

The Pumaman (who is now a lawyer) has an interview on the boxset and he seems to be a little bothered by it but under no illusions about the quality of the movie he was in.


When Kim Cattrall appeared at ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama 2: Electric Boogaloo in 1996, she shared this story: “I was in my hotel room and was channel surfing. And what do I hear but my own name being sung by a small golden man. And it just went on like that. I yelled for my boyfriend to come in and see this. We were just in shock. A few minutes later, one of my lesser accomplishments came on: City Limits . I called my publicity agent and asked him if Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a real show. He said yes. I called my florist and had an odd request: to send a bouquet of flowers to a Crow T. Robot.”


kind of an addendum on Time Chasers, in the closing credits of the Rifftrax Live riff of it, Matt Bruch (Nick Miller) appeared to be present and mingling with fans. He must be the BEST sport.


One of the forum members has a podcast with an interview of mister timechasers. He mentions the whole cast being whisked away from Vermont to be in the audience.


I don’t think Adam West spent a single day of his life taking himself too seriously.


Didn’t Jonah say on one of the Kickstarter livestreams that Arch Hall Jr. was cool about it?


oh yeah, i forgot Arch!

he seems like a really cool guy. (Joel enters at about 16:20)


I was at that show—there were, I believe, 5 Time Chasers people there that night: Giancola and the 4 leads. They seemed to be into it.


I’d probably choose the “notoriety is better than obscurity” route if I were in a riffed movie, but I don’t see Bill Rebane firing up his camera to give me the opportunity to find out for sure.


i’m so happy to hear that! i actually really like time chasers

and for the thread in general, i found some more Arch Hall exhibits


Given the years he spent playing the campiest Batman ever, he shouldn’t. But it’s nice when people are laid back. Honestly, I don’t know if I could be myself. I’m too high strung. :slight_smile: But when they take it in the spirit in which it was meant, it makes for a more fun experience.


Here’s a GIF of them together from the end credits:


Bonus end credits content: one of my eyes and about 60% of my torso.