The Room -- yes that Room -- starring Bob Odenkirk

I am learning AMAZING things today. Things like this:

Apparently this is REAL. Bob Odenkirk will take on the role of Johnny in this complete remake of The Room, as a charity fundraiser for amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.

What a time to be alive!


Oh hai, Saul!


For a moment, I read that as Oedekerk as in Steve Oedekerk.

Yeah, there was a real need for this. Much like there is for almost everything in that Regrettable Foods thread.

Thank Dog that Capitalism won. [fart noise]


At least it’s a charity stunt and not, ya know, a real attempt at a movie…


This looks like a fun charity project and I’m all for that. No complaints there. I may donate in order to see how it all turned out.

That said, I’m with the others in this thread in that I’m not sure how I feel about acclaimed industry talents remaking what is essentially outsider art. There are only a few that can pull that off (ironically enough, two of the most successful I’ve seen at replicating that are Tim & Eric, who Bob has worked with in the past).

It’s one thing to make Disaster Artist but had this been a large-scale remake I’m sure I’d have the bad vibes.

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Confirmed by Bob himself:


“Outsider art.” Is that what we’re calling tacky money laundering now? :thinking:

It’s outside of something!


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It is way too soon to remake a cinematic masterpiece like The Room. I don’t even know how you go about making it.

Apparently you make it using green screens instead of actual locations.

Somehow, they’ve managed to make The Room even cheaper

Full disclosure, Bob Odenkirk is the only hero I have in comedy so take this however you will but up until Breaking Bad, he was, maybe not outsider, but a niche artist.

It’s not exactly Spielberg and Cruise doing it. Though I do appreciate pushback against anything involving The Room, hahaha


Mr. Show with Bob & David is—by a laughs-per-minute-metric—the funniest show that has ever existed. (Sorry MST3K but there’s all that crappy movie spacing things out too much for you to win that stat.)

Bob Odenkirk turning into a genuine star, let alone an action hero, is one of the most unexpected things I have ever seen happen. And on top of that, he seems like a genuinely good guy, from what little insight you can get through the media. It’s kind of delightful!


Right! Before Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk was probably best known as the guy what wrote all those sketches even non comedy nerds knew about.

I’m positive before Breaking Bad, he was best known as Larry Sanders’ agent.


I mostly remember him as one of the many, many stand-up acts who provided filler between episodes of MST. :grin:


You’re totally right. No one knows he wrote those sketches.


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Oh absolutely, Bob’s work speaks for itself. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch Mr. Show and Larry Sanders but I acknowledge the fact they’re really well respected (I’ve heard their names come up alongside SCTV as some of the funniest stuff ever on TV).

He absolutely has a role a ton of niche humor and that I know definitely. He made a pre-Breaking Bad cameo on a volume of “Found Footage Festival” (not to mention his recurring bits on “Tim & Eric”, among others).

Bob is awesome, no doubt about it. My critique isn’t about him or any individuals - I’m more iffy about the entertainment industry remaking bad movies (largely) produced outside — or in spite — of it.

(It’s already been done well, though, especially with the right people behind it. I’ve seen as much already and it can honestly be very enjoyable.)

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