The Sklar Brothers have 2 new riffing projects

The Sklar Brothers did 4 seasons of Cheap Seats on ESPN classic riffing on old sports in the mid-2000s. Some of the episodes are on their youtube page:

But they now have 2 Cheap Seats revivials/reboots going on

  1. Cheaper Seats aka Cheap Seats 2.0 is on their patreon
    This is a super stripped down version of the show done really cheap but it’s got a lot of the same charm as the original, it’s filmed themselves, there’s not special guests or sketches like on the old show and it’s more improvised riffing.
    It’s on their Patreon at the $5 a month level, and they do a new epsiode each month, if you subscribe you can go back and watch all 14 episodes they’ve done so far
  1. The Nosebleeds on UFC fightpass - This is a fully produced revivial of Cheap Seats filmed in a studio with special guests and sketches like on the old show. The one downside I can see with this is all the episodes will be UFC based, so less variety. The first episode is up for free on youtube and there’s 2 more on UFC fightpass now and 3 more being added this month. UFC fight pass is $10 a month


Oh, awesome, thanks for the heads-up!

And of course, we can’t forget about the time that the MST3K crew cracked wise on their show!


I’m really glad these guys are doing better since Jimmy McGill scammed their music shop.