The Star Wars appreciation thread- Lucas Era...

Some spoiler tags would have been nice…

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(Once again, a reminder that I have not seen the show because I don’t have Disney+)

Come on, you’re going to complain that they didn’t kill Vader off in this series? When we already know that Vader is alive later?

Sorry, I fixed it untill I figure out how to do spoiler posts…

But, it just makes the whole thing kind of pointless. and makes the characters not only act out of character, but seem kind of stupid.

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I use mobile so I have to use markdown.

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Taken from the Open Threads for the livestream episode premieres, you have two ways to blur spoilers:

  1. You can type spoiler tags like this, but without the extra spaces between the brackets:
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Thank you. I’ll make a note to do that in the future.

And Also, now that I know how to do it…

If you let Vader Let Obi-Wan live, it defeats his entire purpouse to that point. If Kenobi lets Vader live, he doesn’t get a chance to redeem his mistake and he becomes pointless… . it just doesn’t make alot of sense, and all this series is, is a way to draw fans back after they chased them away.

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Personally, I got everything I wanted out of the Kenobi finale re: the climax of Obi Wan and Darth Vader’s emotional conflict and the resolution of Reva’s personal character arc. I do think it would’ve made better narrative sense for her to die after sparing Luke (something something only her desire for revenge was keeping her alive after that lightsaber wound etc etc) but I really dug the choice to make her realize that she was turning into Vader herself, and turn away from that path.

But mostly wow, blown away by Vader and Obi Wan’s final duel, I was practically in tears over Ewan’s performance and his depiction of Obi Wan’s abject grief and turmoil and his “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”s. Hayden’s charged lines as Anakin is pulled between his anger and his sorrow, his identity as Anakin vs Vader, his repeated, pleading screams as Obi Wan chooses to walk away from him. The writing and acting there delivered all the raw emotion I was hoping for. I loved the further peek into Vader’s broiling hatred (that is merely the other side of the coin of his love for Obi Wan, love turned bitter and angry and evil), love that we now have a bridge between the Obi Wan at the end of RotS and the Ben Kenobi at the beginning of ANH. Anakin and Obi Wan have always been very special characters to me and I am so glad this show gave us an extra piece of their story


How come they never show the light saber charging stations?


Cuz they get power from duct tape.

It has a light side and a dark side and keeps the universe together.


Just checking in late, because I finally finished Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And the haters can shut it because Reva legit became my fave character in the whole dang series.

As for the timeline and canon complaints…

laughs in Star Trek

I gave up caring about that sort of thing a looooooong time ago. :laughing:


that’s becaus ethese SJW elements don’t put the effort into researching cannon.

Star Trek was more or less fine in the Berman era. Right up to Enterprise at least, where things got a tad sketchy. but everything after? Cannon? what’s that? Same goes with lucas film. they killed the eu, and thousands of hours of books and video games and tv stuff they could have brought into the fold and made better, because they thought they could do better. But activists are not producers, writers, animators. So, they can’t.

Also, I’ll leave this right here ;o)

I think it was the GI Joe one that hit it’s number within a day. this has 11 days to go and not even there yet. would be interesting to see the day to day numbers and how long it took to get that far.

It’s OK to like Reeva. I personally don’t. I do Like Talla, she has a useful purpose and a good arc. I do like Kid lea, who although seems to be too smart for her age and brave, she is well acted. Reeva never should have existed and is the weak link here, IMHO.

Halfway through episode 5. There are some good things in this Kenobi series. It’s not unwatchable. But there are alot of CHEAP things too… That was just a still image of coruscant? Nothing looked like it was moving, and looked like a peice of paper. Why is this series not filled with droids? Instead, we get one, maybe two, just to remind you they exist. Fans would KILL to have their homemade droids in this thing for free…Mr.Cheapek.

ugh. A little more care, A little less SJW stuff, and a slightly higher budget…and this could have been a better series.

What exactly is “SJW stuff?” Non-white actors?

without getting into too banned content, 'Politically minded nutjobs who refer to women as mensurating people’. Not joking, that’s their new thing. Iger infected Disney and star wars in general with them. He wanted to run for president with the democrats, and thought having a woke company would help… and that’s why both are doing so bad.

I have no idea how what you are talking about relates to Star Wars.

you asked what SJW’s are, and I tried to explain it simply. for further info,
Follow any nerd media since 2015 and it’ll answer your question :). one reason why stuff ain’t as good as it used to be.

This is what marvel is doing with thor, for example. his asgard is brooklyn, complete with shoes on a string, and graffiti on the hammer. this is what SJW’s do :).
Miles Morales' Thor Variant Receives Social Media Backlash

Still not seeing what this has to do with Star Wars. Seems to me you just like using the term “SJW” to refer to things you don’t like in Star Wars, at least as far as I can tell.

Nope. proven fact. Again, another reason why I didn’t want to bring up disney wars, was because it delves to far into other areas.

SJW’s and activists have basically taken over hollywood at this point. and it’s one reason why it’s failing. One reason why I’m so glad that MST3K introduced emily naturally. they didn’t even bring up ‘first woman host ever’… she’s just introduced, and on with normal. How it should be. SJW’s would have trumped that up to the point where people would have just tuned out. They also would have bashed anyone that doesn’t fit their narrative.

This is what we have in modern day star wars, star trek, now lightyear, etc. not a conspiracy, just a sad fact of modern times.